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Pat's Perspective -- Kingdom Power

By Pat Robertson -

Every believer can experience God's power. It operates mightly in His kingdom. The ultimate source of power is God Himself. He is the author of power. The sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies, the light in our universe--all of this power flows from God. Since God is a Spirit, the ultimate source of life and energy is in the spiritual world.

From God's Spirit power flows to the human spirit, from the human spirit to man's mind. With God's enablement through the mind of man, there can be control over the natural world. Winds, storms, disease, sickness, death, finances, even demons must obey.

I believe that, in heaven, thought will become deed. We will have only to desire a thing to see it accomplished. We will travel at the speed of thought, which is faster than the speed of light. In heaven, we will be able to think of ourselves as being on a distant planet and instantaneously be there. Through thought, we can change ourselves and that which is around us. As the Bible says, "As he (man) thinks in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7).

Customarily, the flow of power comes from our minds through our mouths. We transfer power by the words we speak. The Bible says, "From the produce of his lips he shall be filled" (Proverbs 18:20). Few realize the power of the words we speak. We can kill with words, we can make alive with words, we can bring blessing with words, or we can bring a curse with words (James 3:10). Our mouths are extremely important, because they can be the conduit for power from God--through the spirit, through the mind, and out to the world around us. If we realize the authority we have, it profoundly transforms the way we live.

Not understanding the power in the tongue, we say negative things like, "I feel terrible," which is almost a command for our bodies to hurt. We say: "I think I'm going to die." "I am exhausted." "I can't go another step." "I'm broke now and I'm going to stay broke." "The devil has me on the run." We make negative confessions constantly, thus assuring our failure.

By our mouths, we extend an invitation for Satan to dominate us. We submit to the forces around us, instead of exercising dominion and authority over them.

In our spirits, we must always see God. In God there is no sickness, no failure, no defeat, no problem. Our mouths must declare our victory in God. If we do that, we will see victory.

I do not mean that you should ignore material reality. Sickness and suffering are real, but God's reality is greater. For example, let's assume you had an accident in which your leg is broken. You can say, "I broke my leg. It hurts. But God's power is healing my leg right now. The pain is leaving. Jesus is doing a miracle, and I thank Him for it. I thank Him that regardless of what happened to my leg, a miracle is taking place. Therefore I command my leg to knit together and be healed. Praise God!" This type of confession will mobilize spiritual power toward healing and victory.

But suppose instead you say after the accident, "Oh, I can't stand the pain! It's the most horrible pain I've ever had! It will take a long time. My leg may never be healed." That negative confession admits defeat and directs the flow of spiritual power to ensure a long and painful convalescence.

The Bible neither denies the existence of evil and pain, nor teaches mere mind over matter. It does speak of a reality beyond the natural world that is so powerful that a mere mustard seed-sized portion of it would give virtually unlimited power over the visible material world.

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