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Daily Devotion

Each Day

By Craig von Buseck Contributing Writer

Each day is a play in three acts, morning, mid-day, and evening.

Each day is to be cherished, for we do not know how often God will allow us to attend this theater of life. The players of the day can be walk-on extras, seen once or twice and then never again.

Many others, however, are familiar characters, written into the script to provide drama and suspense, comedy, tragedy, anxiety, joy, and a rainbow of emotions for the enjoyment and education of the central character -- and for the purposes and pleasure of the Author.

The Creator of each day is the Author of life. He is the one who chooses the characters, the setting, and the plot. In fact, the Author owns the theater.

Who, besides the Author, is watching this play? Who is in the audience? We are told that there is standing room only for this performance. There are a great many witnesses; actors whose lives have had a successful run, and who are now cheering on those still learning the trade.

Others are young thespians waiting for their time to take center stage, learning the craft from observance.

The Author wants this play to be a hit. He has paid the highest price to ensure its success. But only those who follow His direction and stay true to the script will receive an award-winning run.

Though it is difficult, and many desire to re-write the script or change the staging, the actors who remain true to the Spirit of the Author are promised as a reward the coveted crown of life.

Unfortunately, there are always those who leave the script behind and try to ad-lib. At first the crowds come out in large numbers, curious to see what the show has to offer. But theatergoers accustomed to the direction of the Author soon tire of the charade. The show closes after a brief run; sadly, the actor will never work with the Author again.

But there are also those shining lights; the performers willing to give it all, yielding to the direction of the Author. These are the award-winners. These are the chosen.

When the show has run its course, and the actor has finished the race, at the final curtain call, the actor bows gracefully to the applause of the audience, and then turns and directs the spotlight to the regal box seat reserved for the honored Author. In one final, dramatic gesture, the actor bends his knee, removes his thespian crown and places it before the Highly Exalted One, the Author, the Director, the theater owner -- the One who is worthy to receive all praise -- each day.

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Craig von  BuseckCraig von Buseck is a published author, popular speaker and a contributing writer for He holds a Doctor of Ministry and an MA in Religious Journalism from Regent University. His most recent book by Regal Publishers, Praying the News, was co-written by CBN News anchor Wendy Griffith.

Craig is also the author of NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men and Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice. Craig has extensive ministry and speaking experience. He travels often to minister in churches and speak at writers conferences and professional events. Find other articles and interviews by Craig von Buseck on or at

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