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Daily Devotion - Prayer

A Funny Thing about Prayers

God answers prayers. It's just not usually how we pictured our prayers getting answered.

Waiting on God: A Plea in Prayer

A soul cannot seek close fellowship with God, or attain the abiding consciousness of waiting on Him all the day, without a very honest and entire surrender to all His will.

Why Doesn't God Answer?

I had my own agenda rather than seeking the will of God. Could that be why my prayers weren’t answered? Does Jesus withdraw when we try to use Him for our purposes?

Fragrant Incense

Our prayers, like the incense, should be salted, pure, and holy. They are the sweet smoke of sacrifice and are a pleasing aroma to God.

Get in the Closet

In the prayer closet we should give ourselves to Him and learn to enjoy the presence of the Lord. This is what He wants. This pleases our Father. 

Let God Speak

When I’ve done the usual; praising, examining my life, sharing it all with the Lord and still feel like I’m in the room alone I try letting Him talk to me.

Making a Difference

Our weapons are not natural weapons. They are not knives, M16s or the suicide bomb of a terrorist. Our weapons are spiritual. They include prayers of petition and intercession.

Prayer Covering

God is pleased when we bring Christians together in worship and in prayer. He is honored when we pray to Him personally and collectively.

Joyce Meyer: Pray All Day

God wants to be the center of your life: the center of your conversation, the center of your entertainment, and the center of your relationships. Prayer keeps Him in the center of all you do.

Jesus is Our Intercessor Before the Throne

God knows He can make any situation right in a heartbeat; even that “cold, dead, no way is this ever going to happen” prayer request we have in the bottom of our hearts. God can make it all right instantly and yet it seems like He always makes us walk it out. Why?

The Lord's Prayer

We pray for the sick, hurt or lost, for help with global warming and the containment of an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. We plead to God for a job, beg for good health and ask Him to protect our kids. But praying for God? How’s that possible? And why would we?

Powerful Names

Suddenly, I realized this child was a survivor, even though he had been underwater for at least 20 minutes. No matter what condition we found him in, God had caused his mother to name him Jesse. Survivor!

Prompted by the Holy Spirit

Linda felt an unexplainable urge to pray for her daughter for days in a row. Soon it was clear that the Holy Spirit was leading her from within to face a difficult time.

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