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Joan Hunter: The Power to Heal

By Craig von Buseck Contributing Writer

CBN.comJoan Hunter served in ministry alongside her parents, Charles and Frances Hunter, as they traveled around the globe ministering in Healing Schools, Miracle Services, and Healing Explosions. Prior to branching out into her own International Healing Ministry, Joan co-pastored a church for 18 years. She is a compassionate minister, dynamic teacher, accomplished author, and anointed healing evangelist who has devoted her life to carry a message of hope, deliverance, and healing to the nations. She is president and founder of Joan Hunter Ministries, Hearts4Him, and head of Hunter Ministries.

Craig von Buseck recently had a chance to sit down with Joan to talk about her series of books on and experiences with healing and miracles:

Craig von Buseck: First let me just start off by saying that your mom and dad were a huge inspiration to me and ministered to me greatly back in the 1980s. So thank you to them and to you. You're carrying on their legacy. Tell me a little bit about your ministry, what God's doing. You've got a series of books on healing. Can you give us an idea of what these books are all about?

Joan Hunter: All of them deal with different parts of healing. The Power to Heal deals with root causes and what will bring on sickness, such as unforgiveness, word curses, like you know, "The doctor says well, your Mother had diabetes so you're going to get diabetes." It's a word curse.

And then the doctor tells you, well you've got cancer; you have three months to live. Well, people die in three months. And then also like when you're a child, "Johnny, you don't ever do anything right." And then Johnny can't ever do anything right. And then there are generational curses, and trauma and stress. You can live a trauma-free and stress-free life, and it's just absolutely awesome. The manual actually goes step-by-step with actual prayers for this particular thing.

Craig: Okay.

Joan: The book, Healing the Heart, deals with emotional issues. The trauma that I went through, at this point over 11 years ago - after being married 25 years, faced with divorce, lost everything, lost our home, lost the family, lost everything, and lost our church that we were pastoring. He had been living a double life as a homosexual.

So then two days after the divorce, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, it was really bad. We just literally lost everything. And God healed me. He healed my heart, healed my codependency, healed me completely and supernaturally of breast cancer. No surgery, no lumpectomy, no treatment, no medicine, nothing.

He totally and completely healed me and then He healed my broken heart and a variety of other things like that. But it's a step-by-step process of getting yourself out of where you are, into where you need to be and getting healed and completely whole.

Craig: You've seen dramatic ways throughout your life, and through your parent's ministry, where there is truly life and death in the power of the tongue. Can you speak about that?

Joan: When someone is under the spirit of hopelessness they may say to themselves, "I'll never get out of this depression. I'll never get out of this sickness. I'll never get out of this financial mess." And they have it in their heads that they'll never get out of it. And so, it comes out of their mouth. It's happening to them. And we curse ourselves. You might say, "God, my son is just so clumsy." So you end up that he's just really, really clumsy. And people live up to what their parents have spoken. When I was younger, they told me that I was dumb, stupid, retarded, and I would never amount to anything. And you know, I've authored seven books, and I have a doctorate degree. That's not stupid. I'm running two world-wide healing ministries.

Craig: That's right.

Joan: But that was spoken to me. I lived up to that for years, and years, and years. And then finally in my late 20s, the doctor said, "I want you take this test." I actually scored in the upper quadrant of intelligence. And I was shocked. Of course, I called my brother first, and then I called my mom. At that point, I removed the label of "retarded." That was a curse that had been spoken over me and basically branded onto my brain. It's important that we get all of our lives, all of our minds healed of all of that, and our mouth healed.

Craig: Amen. So, break down these three books. They're all on healing, but tell me how they're different.

Joan: Healing the Whole Man actually has prayers of hundreds and hundreds of diseases, what they are and how to pray for them.

Healing the Heart is what specifically happened to me and how I walked out my healing. It's a blueprint so others can walk out their healing, too. And then Power to Heal has many places where you can actually turn to, like if you really need healing on unforgiveness. There's another chapter on getting rid of guilt and false responsibility. And that's a very, very powerful teaching. What's in your house, getting rid of any kind of blood covenants, and covenants that you've made with sexual partners. Like for example, after the divorce, they told me, "Well, you need to renounce the soul ties." Well, I didn't quite think it's that big of a deal. But I realized I didn't even go into a soul tie relationship with him. I went into a covenant with him. We had four children, you know. So at that point, I just said okay. I renounce that covenant, "In the name of Jesus, anything bad that came in through that covenant, take it from me now in Jesus' name," because he was still sleeping with other men. He was doing pornography. He was doing all of that stuff. And I'm like, "I'm in covenant with that." It teaches people how to get free.

It'll tell you how to fix your husband, fix your wife and do it God's way instead of through manipulation. And then you can see right there on page number 110 of how there's a prayer and there's blanks in there where you can fill in your name. You say the prayers. You can put your name in it, or you can say, "Here, say this after me … ," and lead the people in prayer. I believe in the K.I.S.S. method, keep it simple, saints.

Craig: Yes, I like saints. Yeah, that's good.

Joan: Yes. And keep it literally as simple as possible and specifically go to and target those areas.

Craig: Amen. Now you've got a financial book, too.

Joan: Supernatural Provision is the title of it, and then it is subtitled, Financial Freedom. We were talking about just the word curses. "I'll never make it through this financial crunch. Look what's happening to the nation. I'll probably be the next to lose my job; then I'll lose my house." And then they're just cursing themselves, and then they're the next person that loses their job, because they're prophesying their doom, so to speak. This book is filled with testimonies of people that supernaturally had their mortgage canceled, not because they walked away from the house, but they just call and say, "We decided just to cancel your mortgage. You can have your house."

There are supernatural testimonies throughout the book. My grandson needed diapers when he was coming and I got a phone call says, "Does your daughter need diapers?" And diapers started coming to the house. Now my third grandchild, six years later, is still using some of those diapers that showed up.

Craig: Wow! That's amazing.

Joan: Yeah, it is, abundantly above all that we would ask, hope, or dream (Eph. 3:20); and my granddaughter in Arizona has been using some of those diapers, too.

Craig: Praise God.

Joan: And every time we turn around, another blessing is happening. This has a lot of new revelatory teaching in the area of giving, for example, scriptural giving. Whatever you're believing God for, you get a scripture to line up with it.

Craig: Yes.

Joan: And then you declare and decree a scripture. What you're doing is you're seeding, but you're attaching a declaration and a promise with it. Isaiah 54:17 says, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper." And if you're being attacked in a particular way, just say, "Father, we just command those words to stop and cease, and I'm seeding $54.17 on behalf of that."

We've had court cases, and all kinds of inheritances that were being held. They seeded that, and the next day the court case was dropped, and they got their inheritance.

Craig: Wow.

Joan: It's just absolutely been amazing. Cars have been given.

Craig: Praise God. Life in the Spirit, right?

Joan: Yes.

Craig: Amen, amen. Well, what's next for you? You continue to travel, and speak, and teach, what else?

Joan: I travel all over the world. The last three months, I have been in 12 foreign countries, and I still have a few more foreign trips this year. I'm doing healing and miracle services with signs and wonders. In the last three years, I have seen over a thousand people healed of fibromyalgia. We had two people who came in paralyzed last week and left healed.

Craig: Wow, praise the Lord.

Joan: It's just, more than you can really comprehend.

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