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APRIL 20,2006

Kathy Troccoli on Living the Sweet Life

Kathy TroccoliAs you know, Kathy Troccoli is an important singer in the foundation of contemporary Christian music. In addition to her successful singing career, Kathy also speaks around the world and writes inspirational books for women. I spent a few moments with her, and she let me in on the secret to living la dolce vita.

Jennifer E. Jones: You have this great audience of women. Is your new book, Live Like You Mean It, aimed towards that audience?

Kathy Troccoli: Men would enjoy it very much. This could be for both sexes. I really wrote it in my experiences in hearing women’s stories in the sense of feeling like they’ve settled into an existence of numbness and deadness -- whether it’s pains from the past or circumstances they’re going through or just resigning themselves to “This is all my life’s going to be.”

I wanted to write a book on ways that God is teaching me about that abundant life. I love that message that says, “I’ll give you more life and a better life.” I feel like a lot of times we just settle, and it’s all under the banner of Christianity.

Any of my friends or my family knows that I just kind of go for it in life, love great conversation, love to love on people, love to create atmosphere, love to make memories. Maybe part of that is that I lost two parents. I know that life is so short, and I watched them waste away. Instead of wanting to lie down and die, it made me want to take advantage of the moments we have in life.

The kick to do this book was my best friend’s daughter, 16 years old, had called me one day and said she needed adjectives for a book report on her family. When I got done helping her, she said, “I want to tell you one word I have for you – rich. Not money rich, soul rich.” I was blown away that this came from a 16-year-old and that she was even watching. I thought, Lord, I’ve gone through so much suffering. Help me to express some of the ways you’ve taught me that makes me sparkle in life.

Jennifer: You give seven very practical tips about stirring up the soul into living again. Okay, you’re going to have to help me with this pronunciation.

Kathy: "La dolche vita!"

Jennifer: La dolche vita! Thank you.

Kathy: It’s Italian. It means “the sweet life.” Growing up, Italians would talk about la dolche vita or, as I say in the book, "abondanza" meaning “abundance.” My family was the stereotypical Italian family – eat big, express big, live big. It helped me in a lot of ways to want to absorb life with that gusto. I wanted to call the first celebration in this book "Living La Dolche Vita." It’s simple.

It’s a lot of practical advice. I even talk about the fact that cell phones and iPods have taken the place of good conversation that breathes life in your soul. Just yesterday, I lit some candles. Just a couple of candles. We don’t realize some little things that we can do that will just make us feel a little bit more good about life.

Want more? Check out 'Live Like You Mean It' by Kathy Troccoli.

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