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By Laura J. Bagby Sr. Producer I have a confession to make. I have been running for my life lately.

Concerned neighbors across the street and folks idling at the stop sign outside the house likely see a crazy single lady streaking passed the front windows several times a week, arms and legs flying.

But, honestly, they needn’t be concerned. I am not a crazed lunatic who just saw the most gigantic spider ever running across the living room floor, nor am I chasing away my imaginary fears. I simply have decided to do something healthy for myself.

See, I have been reading lately just how marvelous it is to keep up your cardiovascular exercise, so I have decided to start running again. Only, since it has been so cold outside and I don’t have a gym membership or own a treadmill, I have been resorting to innovative measures in the home—thus, the energetic body sailing.

Around 5:30 p.m. or so several times a week, instead of heading for the fridge or the stove to cook up some grub, I don the sneakers and athletic wear, turn up the CD player, and begin to bolt up and down the narrow, carpeted corridor, arms pumping. I have been running faithfully now for about two weeks. If I keep this up, which I plan to do until the weather gets warmer, I am going to have to put down some kind of plastic runner down the hall so I don’t wear a path in the carpet!

When I first got the bug to start exercising again, I thought along the more traditional lines. I considered waking up at the crack of dawn, sliding out of bed, and putting on the exercise video. But since my roommate prefers a morning workout routine in front of the TV, I had to reconsider. I also thought about wrapping up in the wee hours to brave the cold, outside air for a morning walk or jog like I see several neighbors do on my drive in to work, but that notion kept me pressing the proverbial snooze button.

Then I discovered that thinking outside of the box is what would solve my workout dilemma. Instead of trying to fit myself into a mold, like you might try to jam a square peg into a round hole, I considered other ideas. Mornings are not the only sacred time for exercise. The same goes for daily devotions with God. Anytime during the day is a good time. So the thought popped in my head, Why not exercise right after work? I had to put that thought to the test. In the summer, before driving home, I would often engage in a 20-minute walk/jog around my work complex. The area is well-lit and it got my blood pumping. After a stressful day, when I would be dog tired, a short run renewed my energy and helped my frame of mind.

But, now that it is winter, I have had to become that much more innovative. And that’s how the home track running system got started. Just 10-20 minutes of heart-pounding exercise a couple of times per week have made a big difference to my physical well-being. You would be amazed how toned and energetic you can get from such a short workout.

Just be sure you are prepared to answer the doorbell knowing that the FedEx guy has probably seen you catapulting through the air in your mad dash. But then, you have to consider he has spent a good portion of his day catapulting boxes, most especially the one he is now bringing to your door, so you share common ground. Oh, yeah, and one of your roommate’s guy friends might make a surprise visit from out of town and show up at your door without warning. No need to turn red; remember: you are simply red from your workout. Chances are he is redder than you are anyway.

The only real tragedy in these two aforementioned cases is that you have to slow down enough to say something intelligible and clearly understood, while not stopping your exercise routine cold. So be sure to practice talking while jogging. I have found it’s a little harder than walking and chewing gum, but getting some practice in will make all the difference.

So, the next time you see shadows dancing around the walls in your neighbor’s house, don’t be alarmed. Don’t call the cops. Don’t laugh it off. Join the budding trend of home running track athletes. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Comments? E-mail me.

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