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Taylor Dooley from  'The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D'
Life in 3-D

Live a life worth envying. Here are some ideas and web sites to jumpstart your adventure.

See the world

Read a good book (that's not about dating)

Ditch that dead-end job

Learn how to cook

Get inspired

The Bottom Line

Okay, so you may never go hiking through Europe or buy a New York penthouse. This is an invitation to find out what makes you happy and do it.

  • Write down everything that makes you smile
  • Think about where they fall in the Fruit of the Spirit (does it result in true joy, peace, or love?)
  • Make the simple ones (i.e., going for a walk or watching Seinfeld reruns) a daily part of your life
  • Do the elaborate activities once a month (i.e., getting a massage or throwing a dinner party)

Remember, life can be abundant.


The Adventures of SingleGirl in 3-D

By Jennifer E. Jones
CBN Producer The single life is only as charmed as you make it. I learned early on that the only way to survive without a man is to live a life that appears as though you don’t need one. I like to think I accomplished this with a grain of success. I work hard, have fun, entertain great friends, and pay my bills mostly on time. I get my brothers to move heavy furniture and my roommate to kill any spiders. All my bases are covered.

However, most days it’s still not enough.

One night I was venting to a friend about the utter agony of RSVPing for one to yet another wedding. I asked her, “I’m cute, smart, and funny. Why can’t I get a date?”

She responded, “I’ve been asking myself that same question for the last five years.”

That’s when it hit me. I am not alone – not by far. When I think about it, I can name several wonderful, eligible, financially stable, good-looking, intelligent, funny, outgoing women who haven’t had real dates since the Clinton administration. They out-number my married friends.

No one’s perfect and all these girls have their quirks but overall, I’m talking about real Proverbs 31 women here. They can do anything… except find love. The lack of male attention even causes some of these fine sisters to doubt their worth. For others, I’ve seen the desperation drive them to make horrible decisions that went beyond settling to scraping the bottom of the gene pool for a date.

The next morning this disturbing trend was still on my mind. As I made my breakfast, I noticed a pair of paper and plastic 3-D glasses on the counter from a movie I saw with my niece. In lieu of a sold-out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we caught a cheap showing of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. I chuckled to myself as I remembered feeling old in the theater because the special effects gave me a headache. But then the Lord pointed out an interesting plot twist (and for those who still want to see the film, I warn you: major spoiler ahead).

Lavagirl was the fabulous heroine du jour with the super hero powers of … you guessed it, lava. She could shoot it from her hands and incinerate anything in her path. And she could fly. She was “super cool”, according to my niece.

Yet Lavagirl was not happy. She didn’t know who she was and was constantly searching for her true identity. All that cool lava-throwing was more of a curse than a blessing. No one could touch her without getting singed. Her hair would catch on fire if she got too angry. She couldn’t hold anyone or let anyone hold her. Also, while it was obvious that she was one of the good guys, her destructive powers made her wonder if she was really meant for evil.

Her frustration hit a breaking point. In the middle of her journey, she shakes her fist angrily at her creator and yells, “Why did you make me out of lava?” This so-called super power wasn't good for anyone -- least of all her.

Later in the film, her creator reveals that Lavagirl was not bad at all. She wasn’t evil or destructive. She wasn’t just fire; she was created to be a light. When she realized her true purpose, she used her lava to illuminate the world. The darkness was dispelled, the bad guy driven out, and the day was saved.

Nice kids movie, I thought, but God showed me that His unmarried daughters are little Lavagirls.

From the very beginning, God loved us and made us to look just like Him (Genesis 1:26). David realized this and called himself “fearfully and wonderfully made” by his God in Psalms 139:14. Jeremiah 1:5 reads, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart.”

We were born a designer original, created with special attention to detail. Then every day He orders our steps to perfect us as we grow (Prov. 20:24). He was there, from when you said your first words to when you gave your first speech. While the persistence of singlehood may be a mystery to you, God had it in mind all along.

We lament the gift inside of us, wondering why it sets us apart. Yet, we don’t realize that the one thing that makes us different is our greatest asset. What appears to be a hindrance is actually a blessing.

A single life in 3-D means taking every opportunity to live. Move to the city you've always wanted to live in. Grab your friends and go on a vacation (trust me, your girlfriends are much more fun than three kids). Give yourself totally to a ministry and watch God bless hundreds, possibly thousands, through your giving. Forget your budget for once and splurge on that perfect black dress you saw in the window.

In a nutshell, live your life.

We were singled out for a purpose. So, if we are our Master’s creation and our Master never makes mistakes, then we must have all we need. We have the goods to be anything that He’s created us to be – even light.

Jennifer E. JonesJennifer E. Jones is the Media Center / CBNmusic Producer who (finally) loves her single life. Read her bio.

Got comments? Drop me a line.

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