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A Tribute to Bob Slosser: Teacher, Mentor, Friend


Slosser On Religion & The Church

Do You Think You Can Tell the Truth or Not?

Let me ask you, good friend, are you saved? Are you living a saved life? Are you spiritually in trim? You need to be, because much rides on you -- right now.

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Slosser On Politics
Ronald Reagan  

Reagan Inside Out: The President

The late Bob Slosser, former Excecutive Vice President of the Christian Broadcasting Network, commentator, well-known author and journalist offered readers a 'spiritual portrait' of Ronald Reagan in his 1984 book, Reagan Inside Out. In this excerpt, Bob shares about the path of Ronald Reagan to the presidency, and the character that made him such an extraordinary leader.


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Slosser On This, That, and The Other Thing

Wisdom Calls, What Goes Up Must Come Down

I've been looking at the biblical prophets on the subject of pride and I've come across again the words of Isaiah and Ezekiel about how a beautiful, high-powered being, presumably an angel, God's delight, became Satan the adversary.



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