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Chapter 5: John 5


The Healing at the Pool

 Read John 5:1-18.

 Chapter 5 tells of a man who had been sick for 38 years.  There was a certain pool of water where people could be healed.  However, whenever the water was stirred up by an angel, only the first person to get into the pool was made well.  This man could never get into the pool quickly enough to be healed.  But Jesus healed him.

Some of the religious leaders were angry because Jesus healed this man on the Sabbath, or Saturday.  They kept Saturday as a day of worship, and did not believe that any work should be done on that day.  These leaders were thinking more about the fact that he was carrying his bed on the Sabbath than they were about the wonderful miracle that made him walk.  They thought more about their tradition than about a man who needed help.

It is true that one day of the week should be kept for worship.  But, it is always good to help people who need it.  Jesus said, “My Father works always, and I too must work.”  If God didn’t work on every day of the week, we would all die.

For You to Do

1  Why was the helpless sick man waiting at the pool of Bethzatha?

a)  He wanted a drink of water.
b)  He wanted to be healed.
c)  He wanted to take a bath.

2  Why were the religious leaders angry?

a)  Because they were not paid money for the healing.
b)  Because the healing was not done by a doctor.
c)  Because Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath day.

3  How did Jesus answer the religious leaders?

a)  He told them that He was working as His Father worked.
b)  He told them that healing was not working.
c)  He told them He had received permission from John the Baptist. 

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The Authority of the Son

Read John 5:19-29.

God have His Son Jesus the power and right to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to forgive sins, and even to judge the world.  Verse 24 gives a wonderful promise that all who hear Jesus’ words and believe in Him will not have to be judged for their sins.  They have been saved from their sins and from the punishment of sin.

They have received eternal life.  They will not have to stand before Jesus and be condemned to die because they have believed in Him as Savior.

For You to Do

4  Memorize John 5:24.

5  Who will not have to be judged by Jesus for their sins?

a)  Those who have been members of a church.
b)  Those who have never done anything bad.
c)  Those who have heard Jesus’ words and have believed in Him and in God.

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Witnesses to Jesus

Read John 5:30-47.

This chapter speaks of the witnesses to Jesus.  A witness to Jesus is someone or something that tells about Him and demonstrates who He is.  All the witnesses in this chapter let us know that Jesus is the Son of God.

John the Baptist was one of these witnesses (verse 33).  The works that Jesus did witnessed for Him (verse 36), giving proof that He was God’s Son.  The Father also gave witness (verse 37).  Then the written Word of God was a witness (verse 39).  Jesus is not an ordinary man.  He is the one sent by the Father to give salvation and eternal life.

Check Your Answers

1.  b)  He wanted to be healed.

2.  c)  Because Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath day.

3.  a)  He told them He was working as the Father worked.

5.  c)  Those who have heard Jesus’ words and have believed in Him and in God.

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