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Bible-Based Wellness Program Promotes Total Health Whether they have simply succumbed to the annual holiday calorie-fest or have endured a lifelong struggle with weight and healthful living issues, the new year offers those who have neglected their health a fresh start. It’s no secret that breaking unhealthy habits for good requires more than wishful thinking or even fervent goal-setting. The hard truth is that 95 percent of people who lose weight will gain it back again—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now there is great news for anyone who yearns to bring life into healthy balance: No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, 2009 can be the year that your life changes forever.

First Place 4 Health is a reliable, proven method of weight loss and healthy living that enables members to enjoy lasting change by bringing the four areas of life—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—into a healthy balance. Formerly known as First Place, this program, which began in 1981 as a church ministry in Houston, TX, has attracted more than half a million members pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a closer walk with the Lord. This revolutionary program uses everyday foods, includes a support and accountability component, and focuses on biblical health and disease prevention. 

First Place 4 Health is not a quick fix. It isn’t about simply dropping a dress size. Instead, Carol Lewis, First Place 4 Health’s national director, issues this challenge, “Give God and First Place 4 Health a year…and your life will change forever.”  First Place 4 Health’s new and improved brand lineup includes resources that tackle everything from determining correct serving sizes to starting an exercise routine to memorizing Scripture.  Members will appreciate the simple, sensible new food plan based on the USDA food pyramid and new exercise guidelines.

For 2009, First Place 4 Health is also introducing a brand new fitness kit. The contents of the kit include the First Place 4 Health 30-Minute Fitness DVD, which combines cardio, strength, and stretching exercises for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced and a handy pedometer that will keep track of each step a member takes toward his or her fitness goal. The environmentally friendly reusable eight-ounce water bottle makes proper hydration a snap. The kit also contains a flexible exercise band that will maximize resistance for every movement in a workout and an official First Place 4 Health towel to use when the work is done.

The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to begin a First Place 4 Health bible study, drawing in the many people who will already be feeling fresh motivation about weight loss and healthy choices. The First Place 4 Health: Begin with Christ Bible study series is the program’s cornerstone, and this update features completely rewritten studies that are fresh for today’s readers. “Almost every First Place 4 Health member I have talked with about the program says, ‘The weight loss is wonderful, but the most important thing I have received from my association with First Place 4 Health is learning to study God’s word,’” Lewis states

Standing on 27 years of personal success stories, the First Place 4 Health program proves that, with an alteration in mindset from mere weight loss to pursuing God’s design for total wellness, lasting change is possible. It’s never too late to find the balanced life and the wholeness that is offered only through a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. Will 2009 mark the beginning of your personal success story?

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