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Kerri Pomarolli
Kerri on Married Life
"Marriage is like having a big vocal mirror reminding you of how crazy you are every day. We do that for each other, whether we like it or not. So we try to laugh as much as we can... It's hard on Ron to be married to such a strong-willed feisty woman, but he loves me and he's got a lot of patience. I'm learning as I go. Rome wasn't built in a day."
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Kerri Pomarolli: The Funny Girl Gets Hitched

By Jennifer E. Jones Producer

CBN.comIf you saw Kerri Pomarolli’s comedy act a few years ago, you probably heard a lot of jokes about being a Christian single woman.

“I had a Southern mother obsessed with getting me married,” she tells audiences. “When you have a single daughter in the South over the age of 12, that is the equivalent to having a terminal disease!”

She joked about prayer circles being launched to find her a mate. She laughed about trying to pick up guys at Home Depot (“So, you’re really into sinks, eh?”), and she often called herself a “bitter party of one.”

“I moved to L.A. [at 22] with a goal and a dream,” she tells, “to marry Matt Damon and win an Academy award.”

By the time she was 30, she hadn’t quite hit her mark. While her funny girl routine had landed her on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, she was still looking for her big break in love.

She wrote about her romantic adventures in her book, If I’m Waiting on God, Then What Am I Doing in a Christian Chatroom?. She discusses everything from the craziness of online dating to the pitfalls of dating unsaved men. She says in all seriousness, “Pray wholeheartedly about who you even date. It is dangerous to date a non-believer. You could end up in love. It happened to me. I thought, ‘Oh, we won't get serious.' But we did.”

Kerri had her share of heartbreak but always found a way to laugh about her romantic foibles. “It was my own personal Bridget Jones story,” she recalls in her comedy. However, her story was on its way to a happy ending.

Ron McGehee Kerri met the Korean/Irish comic Ron McGehee through another comedian, but it would be some time before they started dating. They became friends and talked about the relationships they had with other people.

“I asked Ron what he wanted in a woman. He said, ‘I want a woman who has caller ID and still takes my calls,” Kerri shares.

Kerri was originally looking for someone more stable since she was a comic by trade and did lots of traveling on a shoe-string budget. However, she found herself falling for the guy who made her laugh.

She wrote in her book, “For the first time in my life, this felt right on every level… really right. I remember praying to God, ‘If this is the kind of man you have for me, God, then I’m sure glad I waited.’”

When it came time to pop the question, Ron was determined to do it right. So he planned to get down on one knee on stage during a crucial point in her comedy routine – but not before making it seem like he wasn’t even there.

“All his friends were there, and he bailed on the show. I was so upset. I went on stage, and I was like, ‘How am I supposed to do my act when Ron’s not here?’ It was such an upsetting evening for me. So when he came on stage…”

Ron adds, “I knew I had to do whatever I had to do to catch her off guard… I was in talks with this show called Perfect Proposal, but they [wanted] three months. I said, ‘Three months? She’s not going to be around!’”

Their engagement was still captured on film, and Kerri was swept off her feet right in the middle of her act.

At her wedding, the laughs were still rolling with a pyramid Krispy Kreme doughnut wedding cake and an Elvis impersonator.

“Now that it’s happened, it’s obviously God. I couldn’t see myself not marrying her,” Ron says.

As I talk to the glowing couple on the Premier Christian Cruises’ Girls Get-A-Way cruise, they’re still newlyweds, but they have enough time under their belt to know that marriage was everything and nothing that they expected.

Kerri says, "There's a man in my house. He plans to stay forever! Ron likes to call me: 'Doesn't play well with others,' because I'm pretty set in my ways sometimes."

Adjustments aside, Kerri and Ron know marriage has been good for them personally. But has it put a damper on their careers?

Kerri PomarolliKerri says, “Are you kidding me? 'My Big Fat Korean Irish Italian Southern' wedding with the Elvis and the Krispy Kreme wedding cake was enough material to last me a lifetime. I was scared I'd lose my act and my career when I got married. Who knew the material would be even better?”

Kerri is still not done talking to singles. Her advice to women who are in the trenches of dating: “Don't settle ever, ever, ever. Trust that God is good, [and] know He cares for you. Jeremiah 29:11 counts for dating and most certainly marriage.”

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