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Susie Tait: Drive-By Deliverance

By Audra Smith and Renelle Richardson
The 700 Club Susie Tait was an active mother and schoolteacher. In 1998 she discovered a lump in her breast.

"I knew that we were up against a battle that I couldn’t control, and I knew that doctors were not going to be able to do the things I needed done. I needed God, and I needed a miracle," Susie tells The 700 Club.

Susie underwent extensive chemotherapy and radiation, yet her cancer reoccurred. In 2001, she was told that the cancer had spread with a vengeance into her abdomen and liver. Doctors said that she had less than a year to live.

"I never felt like cancer was bigger than God. It didn’t matter to me, if it was all over my body in every spot, even though I knew the diagnosis was critical. It wasn’t very good at all, but I have never felt like anything was out of God’s hands."

Susie's strong faith kept her from believing she was going to die.

"I did not go straight to the panic, I went straight to God and before I could panic, I felt like He was already answering. Of course, I am very aware that we will all die and I was very aware, and I was not in denial of what my condition was, but I could not feel anything but peace and trust with what God was trying to show me," she remembers.

To keep up with the treatment schedule, Susie had to temporarily quit teaching. When she wasn’t at the hospital, she spent her days riding horseback on her 300 acre ranch. She prayed and listened to the Lord.

"I asked Him over and over for this miracle, but I was also trying to listen to His reply. I wasn’t trying to tell God what to do. I knew He knew best," she says.

Yet even with her strong faith, Susie’s health kept deteriorating … her records showed no signs of improvement. Susie’s doctor was planning for the worst. 

"I really felt like Susie would die and that she would not survive very long. I think every oncologist that treats breast cancer knows that young women who have a recurrence of a breast cancer will generally not do very well," says Dr. Hinton.

As Susie drove home from her doctor’s appointment, she contemplated her dismal prognosis. Then her thoughts turned to her daughter, Jackie.  Susie knew that without a miracle, she wouldn’t be around to raise her only child. Susie was not ready to die.

She regularly listened to sermons on healing. One message from CBN was called, “You will see miracles." Susie had heard this tape before, but as she listened to it again, something incredible happened.

"I immediately busted out crying. When I actually felt it come through me, it was more emotional than it was physical. I did feel a feeling go through my body, but it was an immediate knowledge that God had healed me. I knew that I had been touched," she says.

Susie decided to stop chemotherapy. One month later, her doctors ordered a new round of tests. They were astounded at the results. The cancer in her lymph nodes were completely gone. Subsequent tests revealed no cancer in her body.

"When I saw her back again I was amazed at how well she was doing. Because the last time I saw her, it had not been very long after her surgery where they found very extensive disease in her abdomen. I wouldn’t have dreamed that she would have done as well as she had and still does," says Dr. Hinton. "Her attitude about her whole disease, the fact that she knows that God has healed her and that she knows that God wants her to be around for Jackie has played a tremendous role in her being able to stay healthy and do so well."

Susie turned her talents to writing. She just published a children’s book she wrote with Jackie, who is now 11-years-old. Susie says she is living proof of the healing power of God.

"I hope that people do not hold themselves back from expecting miracles, because they don’t feel like they are perfect or that they are worthy. None of us are perfect, nobody is worthy, but God is our father and He wants the best for all of His children. He wants us to come to Him first. He wants us to run to Him first, and He is there waiting on us."

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