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Mark Jones: Finding God in the Balance

By Raquel Dunn
The 700 Club

CBN.comMark Jones is a patrol officer with the local police department. He knows firsthand that every call carries a certain sense of danger.

“Every call we go to there’s a gun involved, and that’s definitely a fear in the back of your mind,” he tells The 700 Club, “that if they get the best of you, they may take that gun and use it on you.”

Mark found himself fighting a battle not on the streets but in his own body.

“Over a period of about two weeks, I got real sick with flu-like symptoms to the point that I thought I might have pneumonia,” he says. “I went to the ER. During that time they took an x-ray and located a large mass in my chest, which later was found out to be a large tumor.”

The tumor was cancerous and had to be removed.

“I had about two weeks in the hospital recovery time and after that had to under go chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the cancer,” he says.

Mark’s been cancer-free since but it took a year for him to get back to normal.

“I started to notice it sporadically -- being real dizzy,” he recalls. “Anytime I go from a standing up position to a sitting or laying down position, I’d get real dizzy and almost have tunnel vision. I’d feel like I was sick to my stomach or maybe even pass out.

“I normally have a routine of getting my patrol car organized, cleaning that up, getting that ready to go, and this day in particular, it just seemed like every attempt I would make to resume those activities -- just dizziness, this tunnel vision, this sickness to my stomach. [It} just seemed overwhelming to me to the point where I had to come in and take a break from even the most minor of activities. I sat down, turned on the TV and sat down, figured I’d just sit there for a minute. That’s when I turned on The 700 Club.”

Terry Meeuwsen said, “It’s a neck situation. I don’t know if it’s your carotid arteries or what it is, but you need to just receive from the Lord right. He’s healing that situation. That lack of equilibrium and that feeling like you’re going to pass out is going to go away.”

“When I heard the Word of Knowledge, it described exactly what I was going through,” Mark says. “I immediately claimed it and knew that’s me. 'I know God’s speaking to me, and I’m going to claim that,' and I did. It’s like a weight being lifted off your shoulders.”

Mark couldn’t keep the good news to himself.

“I immediately wanted to share it. I told my kids. I called my wife at work. I called my parents. I called my sister in California,” he says. “With all the negative news we’d received, it’s just good to get good news from time to time. This was just another episode in seeing the good work God can do for people.

“It’s overwhelming to me that God would take His time in all that is going on in this world to touch me at that moment.”

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