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Mark Harris on Going Solo 4Him

By Jennifer E. Jones
CBNmusic Producer I’m ready to live, ready to breathe, ready to take in everything
Ready to love, ready to shine, ready to live this life of mine
Ready to jump, ready to fly, for the first time

Words written by a man who sounds like he’s about to take off. You wouldn’t believe the songwriter has been in the music business for more than 15 years. The Line Between the Two, the solo project by Mark Harris of 4Him, isn’t about breaking away from the pack but living the fullest life.

After reading John Eldredge’s book Wild at Heart, Mark saw his life differently. “I’m gonna live the adventure that God has for me,” he tells CBNmusic. “Life is this amazing journey and not an existence.” The book not only inspired him to take that journey but to write about it on The Line’s first song “For the First Time”.

“When you’re doing a solo album there are more freedoms because it’s just you,” he says. “That part of it was a blast. Of course, with more freedom comes more responsibility. I didn’t have three other guys. It was just me and the producer.”

Mark did much of the songwriting for 4Him (including hits “Basics of Life” and “The Message”). So writing for a solo project wasn’t going to be a problem. In fact, these songs take on a special meaning for Mark. Without the filter of writing for four, hints of his personal touch are laced throughout the entire album -- especially when Mark pens lines like: “Life is when you lose control” from the song “Hello to Goodbye.”

“I wanted to do a ‘walk-the-aisle’ invitation song, and that’s the way it came out. The whole Christian experience is all about letting go and not being in control,” says Mark. “Our flesh loves to hang on. Being a Christian is being willing to say, ‘No, I have no right to my life. God, You live through me. I surrender control to You.’”

Mark readily admits he’s a “control freak”, and he understands how difficult putting his lyrics into action can be. “I like to be able to control where my life is going. A walk by faith [means] sometimes you’re waiting. You don’t hear anything from God for while. You feel like He’s not there but in fact, He is there. He knows the perfect timing.”

Mark got a chance to put all this into practice while making The Line. He made this album in the midst of 4Him’s busy touring schedule. It also called him away from spending time with his most cherished gift, his wife and family.

“I am so blessed. I have the most understanding wife – and my kids too,” he says. “I knew in my heart that God called me to do this. I knew the price that would probably have to be paid time-wise.”

That time was spent writing more than 30 songs for The Line, which is normal but still challenging for the songwriter. However, the flexing of his talents and the sacrifice of his time paid off.

“It was great because it brought me to my knees, seeking God. As always it left me at that place where I realized that I’m not in control. What this album ends up being is God speaking into my heart because the songs come through me but come from Him.”


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