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Jessie Daniels: The Real Deal

By Jennifer E. Jones
CBNmusic Producer

CBN.comShe’s 18, headstrong and ready to take on the world. Meet the real Jessie Daniels and learn how she stays so headstrong!

Jennifer E. Jones: Describe for me from an artist's perspective how you’re feeling about the release of your album. This is the culmination of a lot of hard work all in one day.

Jessie Daniels: Actually, I’m very nervous.

Jones: How are you working out that nervousness?

Daniels: I try to stay busy. You get to a point where your record’s out and it’s gonna be on the shelves. People can choose to buy it and accept you for who you are or not. I’m very happy with the place I am [in] and thankful for the opportunity. Ultimately God’s the one who has to be happy with me.

Jones: How would you describe your sound? What are you trying to achieve?

Daniels: The sound is refreshing pop/rock. The album encourages and offers hope. It talks a lot about God’s love and how I feel about it, how it was shown to me. I hope people can identify with it. One of my main goals is to reveal God in the most real and relevant way possible. I really want people to see Christ through my life and me being real throughout my music.

Jones: I think people have seen that – especially with your first single “The Noise.” In our lives, God speaks in a still, small voice yet we are surrounded by noise all day long. How do we keep the noise out and keep our ears tuned to Christ and what He’s saying?

Daniels: The noise will always be there. You just have to make a conscious effort to hear from God – whether it’s reading in His Word or taking the time to talk to Him. Say, “Hey God, I don’t have time to open my Bible right now but I know You’re here with me and I have confidence in that.”

Jones: One of the things I’ve noticed from listening to your music and just talking to you now is this great expression of confidence. So many girls are rattled with self-doubt but you seem to be comfortable in your own skin. Where does that come from?

Daniels: I’m glad I come across that way. I really feel confident in the place that God’s put me right now. I don’t have all the answers. I am not perfect. I know that. I know I will make mistakes. I’m human. I’m gonna be broken. Even in the music world, there are singers who are a million times better than I am. God just put me in a place where He says, “You’re different. You have something different to offer. You’re gonna touch different people that somebody else may not.” I’m confident to be myself and to lean on God. Sometimes it’s not so easy.

Jones: It seems to be catching on. “The Noise” reached No. 2 on the Radio and Records rock chart. How would you describe your audience while you’re out on the road and at all these different venues?

Daniels: Everyone seems to like it. “The Noise” obviously got great reception. I don’t think anybody likes a phony. People see who I am. I want to be real and genuine all the time. You see that in my music.

Jones: Genuineness is a rare quality in the business. It’s always about image.

Daniels: Oh yeah. Sometimes you have to put a smile on your face when you don’t necessarily want to but that’s life. I’ll smile even if I’m not in a great mood because someone else will be affected.

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