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BarlowGirl: Super Chicks for Christ

By Jennifer E. Jones
CBNmusic Producer

CBN.comThey went from being Superchick’s muse to performing for sold out crowds. How? Simple. These girls rock.

Jennifer E. Jones: I was there when you performed at the Dove awards, and I gotta tell ya, I wasn’t upset that you had to do “Never Alone” twice. That was awesome.

Becca Barlow: We were so thankful that we got to play again because the first time we couldn’t hear. It was such a great opportunity.

Jennifer: Well, it sounded like you’ve finally come out from under the whole Superchick “these-are-the-girls-who-‘BarlowGirl’-is-written-about” mantle. Are you surprised at how everything has come together?

Becca: Yes and no. This is the last thing any of us had wanted to do. We knew that God was calling us to something as we were growing up, but we didn’t know what it was. He revealed His plan for our lives about five years ago. We didn’t know we be signed. Everyday with God is completely shocking anyway. It’s amazing how God works.

Jennifer: Seems like you’ve been getting attention from the mainstream lately.

Becca: Yes, “Never Alone” is being played on a couple of secular stations. It’s such a blessing that God’s being able to use that song. We can still give people hope for life and let them know that they’re not alone. God is cheering for them.

Jennifer: You have this new album out, Another Journal Entry. When you were going back into the studio, were you trying to recreate the magic of “Never Alone”?

Becca: We knew that God had a new thing for us. We needed to start pursuing what He had for this season and not try to recreate what He had for us in the past.

Jennifer: Does it feel good to know that you’re on a label that’s letting you do your own thing?

Becca: Yes. It’s like a marriage; there’s always a give and take. There are always a lot of things to pray through. But God brought us to who we needed. Also, we’re in prayer; they’re in prayer. It’s an amazing working relationship.

Jennifer: The song that caught my attention on Another Journal Entry was “Five Minutes of Fame.” It’s so appropriate with our celebrity-crazy lives. Is celebrity obsession something you’ve had to deal with?

Lauren Barlow: Being in the public eye is so sought after for kids in my generation. We totally idolized these people, and they’re normal. They’re normal people living a normal life. I think that kids will kinda do whatever it takes to do that, and that’s why we wrote “Five Minutes of Fame.” We can’t sell out.

Jennifer: I thought that when you guys came out, people might approach you and say, “If you dressed a little sexier, maybe things could go better.” Did that ever happen? Have you had the opportunity to sell out?

Lauren: Yeah. There are always parts that people want to change about you. One of the things that was not very accepted by people was purity – not dating and dressing modestly. They said, “Why are you girls standing for that? What’s the big deal?” We’re not here to be popular. We’re not here for people to like us. We’re here because God put something in our hearts, and we need to share that.

Jennifer: And you’re doing this for young girls who may be just following whatever is popular at the moment.

Lauren: Right. Peer pressure is so strong these days. The world tells us who we have to be. I don’t think we question that enough. It’s time that we as Christians start thinking for ourselves and asking God how He wants us to live our lives. It will be fulfilling. It might not be popular but who cares?

Jennifer: That’s a very liberating feeling.

Lauren: People think, “If I become a Christian, my life will be in bondage, and I’m gonna have to follow all these rules.” But really, it’s just a freedom when you live the way that God wants you to live.

Jennifer: There was another song on here called “Take Me Away” about the touring lifestyle. How much time do you really have on the road to seek God?

Lauren: We decided that we needed to make time for God. We have to say, “God, you’re more important than me resting. We need to take this time to be with You.”

Jennifer: You’ve got two worship songs on this album: “No One Like You” and “Enough.” These are the songs that you picked, but were there other contenders?

Alyssa Barlow: The songs that are on there are every single one that we picked. It’s so important to us girls. We worship at every show. These are two that we’ve had a heart for and been performing a lot this year.

Jennifer: What is some of the worship that you listen to on your own?

Alyssa: I like a little bit of everything. I love [David] Crowder. I love Third Day. I like Todd Agnew stuff too. I know I’m kinda biased because we’re such good friends. I love listening to his songs.

Jennifer: It’s amazing to me to see the kind of dedication that you’ve put forth to make it. Were there sacrifices along the way?

Alyssa: I used to view them as sacrifices, like, “Oh no, no date night.” Now as I look back, it was almost a privilege. God said, “I have something better for you. These things are temporary. They look great in the moment but I want you to think long-term.” The bigger picture was in mind here. He saved me from a lot and has given me so much more.

Jennifer: Do you have any advice for up and coming bands that are trying to get where you all are?

Alyssa: If you feel like God is calling you to do music, work for it. Don’t work for the label. Don’t work to get signed. Work to do music because you love it. It’s a passion of yours. Pray and see what doors open. Until then, do worship at your church. Do it where you are now. Be content in the small things, and watch where God will take you.


Another Journal Entry
(Fervent Records, 2005)



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