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newsboys: GO…‘Til the Work is Done

By Andrea D. Hicks
Internet News Producer

CBN.comThe newsboys find themselves at home when they’re onstage proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ to the nations. And so it’s where they GO…‘til the work is done.

Every stage is their mission field, and each performance is an opportunity to inject thoughts about faith.

“It’s not so much telling people what to do,” says frontman Peter Furler, “but helping them to come up with the questions themselves.” What’s the kingdom that Jesus came and started?  What’s in your heart?

He hopes newsboys can stir people up to discover who they’re meant to be and to check what’s defining them.

Because “if God’s word is not defining you, then what is?  Something will be. We’re all vessels. We’re all moldable,” Furler says.

So they fulfill the Great Commission, often in “strange places” with crowds who may have never heard their music before, let alone the Gospel. 

But unusual or even hostile audiences don’t intimidate this Australian quintet, for their faith adds wisdom and boldness to any situation.

When the music blares, genuine love pierces the air. I can hear the mission bell ringing out loud and clear, it’s the revolution Jesus started, and it’s here echoing across the world from the shores of Galilee, they sing in “The Mission.”

“The one thing that makes us different from other bands …is one minute we are in front of senior pastors at a pastors conference, the next minute we are in front of 15, 000 Muslims in Morocco,” Furler explained. “The next day we’re playing at a secular festival. The day after that we’re at the Sunday morning church service.  The next day we’re at a new age festival at the Sea of Galilee or at a club in Philadelphia.”

These recent multi-cultural, multi-faith performances inspired GO, the group’s first pop-rock record in four years.  It’s a well-focused effort infused with rhythmic sounds and passionate lyrics.

Earlier this year, Furler told CBNMusic it was crucial to “stay obedient to the music in their heads.”  He didn’t want to let past success get in the way and cause anyone to lose perspective, resulting in a second-best album.

“But [GO] is what newsboys do,” Furler said. “There’s a little bit of humor, a little bit of reverence.”

And ‘til their work is done and “Wherever They Go,” they’ll exclaim God help us, we just love our job.


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