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The 700 Club Prayer Centers

The 700 Club Prayer Centers in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee (PC) are departments of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) that provide prayer, scriptural guidance and digital, or printed resources to people through CBN’s toll-free prayer lines.  The Prayer Center employs a state-of-the-art "unified processing" system providing ministry via skills-based/language routing through multiple partner contact methods including; inbound calls, outbound calls, interactive voice response calls, and live web chats.  Both Prayer Center sites utilize a united technology platform in Virginia Beach and Nashville, with over 450 stations servicing more than 4,000,000 transactions annually. Loving staff members are trained in offering comfort and encouragement from a biblical perspective.  At other peak special programming occasions, additional CBN employees serve the higher inbound volumes of dialogue.

977 Centerville Turnpike, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463-0001

The Prayer Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  In addition to serving CBN partners seeking spiritual ministry, intercessors also provide extensive digital resources, web site support, and process calls for telethons. Prayer Center staff members are in teams; supported by servant-management of Coaches. For most CBN partners, The 700 Club Prayer Center is “first line of contact” to the ministry.

CBN’s first telethon was held in 1963.  After the telethon, telephone lines were kept active as prayer lines.  Some 3,500 calls were answered that year.  The 700 Club Prayer Center was officially launched in 1974 to answer calls 24 hours a day.  It received 279,902 calls in its first year.  At an average of more than 14,000 daily inbound/outbound/web chat contacts, we anticipate processing nearly five million contacts this year.  This includes tens of thousands of CBN Partners who are reached through outbound contact projects on a regular basis.

The primary focus of The 700 Club Prayer Center is basing every contact experience in scripture and prayer.  The CBN prayer team member listens with compassion to people’s concerns, they offer encouraging words from the Bible, and they always pray for God’s solution to the problems.  PC staff members also provide ministry contacts free digital or print literature from dozens of pamphlets and relevant links in the resources. This material covers spiritual topics such as prayer, healing, finances, marriage, salvation, and other subjects that concern our contacts.  The PC is also a foundation to various CBN outreaches through intercessory prayer; that is calling upon God to empower the CBN ministry to advance the Gospel throughout the world.

Contacts to CBN’s Prayer Center are categorized according to the subject matter discussed via the contact.  The number of calls to the prayer line, web chats, and number of people making their decision to receive Jesus Christ as Savior has been recorded since 1963.  Other call categories have been tracked since 1977.  This data is used to measure our progress, learn from trends, and also informs broadcast strategy for CBN ministry efforts. 



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