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Suzanne Somers

Star of Three’s Company and Step By Step

2 People’s Choice Awards

Author of 12 books (6 NewYork Times Bestsellers)

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2003)

American Psychiatric Foundation’s board of directors

SAMHSA National Advisory Council to the Secretary of Health and Human Services

Founder of the Suzanne Somers Institute for the Effects of Addiction on Families

Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award (2000)

R. Brinkley Smithers Award (1995)

Humanitarian Award from the National Council on Alcoholism

Distinguished Achievement in Public Service Award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Married to Alan of 37 years with two sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren.

Featured Book
'Slim & Sexy Forever'
(Crown Books)

Suzanne Somers: 'Slim and Sexy Forever' STAY HEALTHY FOREVER
“I first discovered the imbalance in my own body,” Suzanne Somers says, which spurred her to investigate hormonal therapy. “With my Somersize program I had learned how to control my weight without my weight controlling me. I had tricked my 40-year-old metabolism into burning my fat as fuel by eliminating sugar and food that converts to sugar.”

But once Suzanne entered her 50s she suddenly gained weight, and Somersize wasn’t fixing the problem. “Ugh! I thought I had this thing licked. What was sabotaging my fabulous Somersize program and keeping me from losing weight?” she wondered. Loss of hormones!

“I didn’t want to take synthetic hormones,” she says. Synthetic hormones (made from a pregnant mare’s urine) have proven to be harmful to women’s health (prolonged, raised insulin levels), treating the symptoms without addressing the root of the problem. It’s not just for women, but a subject most men shy away from because of embarrassment or the faulty thinking that it’s just something women face.

“As men grow older they lose hormones, they are also left adrift, uninformed, and too embarrassed to be proactive, which prevents them from finding a doctor who understands their lack of vitality, lack of energy, shrinking muscles, grumpiness, and impotence,” Suzanne says.

Everything your body does and makes is regulated by the hormones in your body. After years of research, including seven books on the subject, Somers found that natural, bioidentical hormone replacement, actually replace the lost hormones that vanish with the natural aging process. “I have done countless hours of research on weight loss and hormonal balance to figure out how to stay lean and vital,” she says. “If your hormones are out of balance (even one), no weight-loss program will work for you.”

She says that in order to stay young looking, slim, and sexy, we need a two-pronged attack: One, maintain hormonal balance by replacing lost hormones with natural, bioidentical hormones; two, eat right and exercise. “This combination is my secret ‘fountain of youth’ to stay young, healthy, slim, and vital for all your years to come,”

Suzanne says. “If you are really trying to take care of yourself and you are hitting the wall, you may very well be experiencing hormonal imbalance.”

In her new book Slim & Sexy Forever, Suzanne combines her cutting–edge information on natural hormone replacement with her successful weight loss program, “Somersize.” Working with innovative doctors, Suzanne has created a program that alleviates symptoms such as mood swings, sleepless nights, hot flashes, and diminished sex drive that are common with aging. The book also includes over 100 delicious new recipes and testimonials. This spring marks Suzanne’s fifth year NED—no evidence of disease—following breast cancer.

“Cancer has been a great learning experience. It taught me that I have courage, and how much I am loved… There are blessings with cancer if you choose to look for them,” she says. “By choosing to build-up, I am enjoying superb health and hormonal balance, my soul is intact, my body is working beautifully, I am happy and at this moment cancer-free.”

Suzanne is the author of 13 books, including six New York Times bestsellers. The star of the former hit television programs Three’s Company and Step By Step, Suzanne has created one of the most respected and trusted brand names in the world, representing cosmetics and skin care products, apparel, jewelry, a computerized facial fitness system, fitness products and an extensive food line. She received an honorary doctorate of human letters from National University and is a highly sought after commencement speaker. Suzanne is scheduled to speak before Congress this year to champion a study on bioidentical hormone replacement.

She will also begin her one-woman Broadway show, "Suzanne Somers: The Blonde In the Thunderbird" this year which opens on July 16 at NY’s Brooks Atkinson Theater.

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