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Dr. Chauncey Crandall: Raising the Dead

The 700 Club
September 15, 2010

CBN.comIn 2000, Dr. Chauncey Crandall practiced medicine for 30 years when he and Deborah got the news about their son, Chad, then 11.  Blood tests revealed a white blood cell count of 80,000 (normal white blood cell counts run between 4,000 and 10,000).  Chad had leukemia.  The news was devastating, and Dr. Crandall fought for his son to get the best health care and medicine. 

Dr. Crandall and Deborah prayed for their son to be healed.  Medicine and chemotherapy put the disease into remission for a short time and also reduced the high white blood cell count. Then, in 2004, Chad’s leukemia came back.  It was apparent:  Chad would need a blood transfusion from his twin brother, Christian.  After the transplant, Chad made slow but steady improvements.  Four months after the transfusion, Chad’s leukemia came back.  In October 2004, Chad passed away.

With Chad’s lifeless body in his arms, Dr. Crandall told God, “Either I will run to You and give You everything in my life or I’m going to abandon You.”  Dr. Crandall decided to run to God.  They prayed for Chad to be raised from the dead, but he showed no signs of life. 

Dr. Crandall, who gave his life to the Lord at the age of 19, believes Chad was healed when he went to heaven.  “God comforted us in our grief in remarkable ways,” says Dr. Crandall.  Through Chad’s death, Dr. Crandall says he has the opportunity to tell others about Jesus.  “I realized I was here for one reason: to serve out almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ.”

In 2006, 53-year-old Jeff Markin suffered a massive heart attack in the Palm Beach Hospital emergency room.  Dr. Crandall was the senior cardiologist on duty and reported to the ER after a Code Blue was issued for Jeff.  Doctors and nurses worked on Jeff for 40 minutes.  When he arrived, Dr. Crandall noticed Jeff’s lips, fingers and toes were cyanotic – black from lack of oxygen.  “When cyanosis appears, there’s little hope,” says Dr. Crandall.  He declared Jeff dead at 8:05 am.  As Dr. Crandall headed out of the room, he sensed that the Lord was telling him to turn around and pray for Jeff. 

Dr. Crandall stood beside the body and prayed.  At that moment, the ER doctor walked back in the room. Dr. Crandall said, “Shock this man one more time.”  The ER doctor used the paddles one more time. “A heart that restarts usually beats irregularly before it settles into a normal rhythm,” says Dr. Crandall. The EKG registered a perfect heartbeat! 

“Being a physician frees me to take a clear-eyed look at what happens in healing services and to reach out to the unlovely and the destitute,” he says.  “I believe completely in supernatural healing, and I’m clear about God being the Healer, not me.”  He says all healings are signs of God’s resurrection power – His promise to raise every believer from the dead to new life in God.

Dr. Crandall, who speaks at healing services, says he didn't pursued God for 25 years. After his son passed away, Dr. Crandall said he started pursuing the things of God. “He started showing me what was available in the Bible because of the name of Jesus – deliverance, baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing,” says Dr. Crandall who was filled with Holy Spirit in the hospital operating room.  “We can have victory in Christ even if we lose a child.”

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