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Faith in Blue Jeans

By Cynthia Savage
The 700 Club Horses are welcome and blue jeans are common place here at Life Brand Cowboy Church.

“The horse culture here is so great. There are 60,000 horses in North East Ohio alone. If we could start reaching the cowboy culture… more power to God.”

Pastor Royce Gregory takes a hands-on approach to sharing the gospel. 

“I just felt God saying, 'Look around you, Royce. There’s a lot of people out here that need Me,'” says Royce.

So Royce offered free riding lessons. In time, the small group grew into a large congregation.  
Royce says, "Most of these people are gone Saturday and Sunday, and you're not going to drag them in a normal church."

"This church respects the environment you have in rodeo. On the weekends, we’re with our horses. So on Tuesday nights we go to church,” says Pam. “It makes so much more sense.“

Life Brand is known for their community outreaches like “Hog Roasts”, National Cowboy Day events, and servant evangelism. 

On October 31st, neighbors gather for a Harvest Barn Party at the stable, an alternative to Halloween.

Royce says, "We’re gonna do trail rides to reach the community with the word. You talk about the Lord all you want when they’re up there.”

But the real success is seen in their love for one another and their desire to serve God.

 “I know what I am; I know I’m a sinner; I know I don’t deserve what I’ve got, but it was given to me freely,” Royce says. “I can’t do enough to give it back to Christ.”

For reaching the rodeo crowd with the Gospel, The 700 Club salutes you, Life Brand Cowboy Church in Newbury, Ohio.

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