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Matt and Tiffany McClain: Couples Who Pray, See Results

By Stacey Michalak
The 700 Club"My first impression of Matt was that he had gorgeous eyes, but he seemed like a practical jokester, more of a friend type, kind of a ladies man,” says Tiffany, of her husband when she first met him.

“My first impression overall was that she [Tiffany] was a beautiful girl. I could tell that she was educated just the way she carried herself and the way she spoke,” remembers Matt.    

Matt and Tiffany McClain have been happily married for three years, but they were longing for more intimacy in their relationship. 

"Just being married, the whole honeymoon stage was wonderful. But I think like most couples, you are naïve to the fact that you’re going to face struggles and you’re going to face hardships," says Tiffany. "You’re with this person 24/7, and you’re going to have your disagreements. As much as we would pray individually, we never really thought to come together and pray.” 

SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt asked Tiffany and Matt to participate in a 40 day prayer challenge to help add research to their book Couples Who Pray

“I [Tiffany] was very excited about it. I thought if anything, it would give us that 5 or 10 minutes a day to really connect and really find out what was on the other person’s heart and mind.” 

Matt agrees, “Coming together and actually praying together and opening up our hearts… it’s out there for each other to hear. It’s not just a private thing between you and the Lord, but your mate's there and their listening.”  

This prayer time led to a special development. 

"We had been praying about something and talking about something for a while. It was on a specific subject--a baby.  This was the time that we really began to pray for it, together," says Tiffany.

"I think that we had discussed having a baby, and it was sort of in passing. Maybe that’s just the way I heard it. I have that selective hearing trait. But, we did talk about it a lot. But coming together, the Lord was speaking to me saying you need to hear this as well. And then it started becoming real. Then my heart just started changing for a baby, and I started embracing it and really running with it," says Matt.

"I love this man with all my heart, and I want to have his child. But more importantly, I want to raise a child in a stable environment. I want to teach them about the Lord, and that is something that Matt didn’t have growing up, and he felt strongly about it. So being able to pray about it and pray about our future child together, I just feel so blessed to have that kind of relationship," adds Tiffany.   

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