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Jason's Looks and Outlook Makeover

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club

CBN.comIn the words of Jason Klepacki:

Jason Klepacki was always a good looking guy. He grew up playing football and lifting weights. As an athlete, he learned to overcome pain.

“To me, a real man back then was not to show fear, not to cry, not to be hurt. Handle it on your own, stand on your own two feet. Don’t show any form of weakness whatsoever.”

So when Jason noticed a bump on his head the size of an acorn, he didn’t let it bother him. He thought it was a cyst,  and he expected it to go away. It didn’t. It just grew larger and more painful.

“At that point I started knowing, in my head, logically, that something, if it’s a cyst, isn’t going to keep coming back like this.”

Jason’s wife, Lindsay said she was scared; that she knew something was wrong, she just didn’t know what.

Jason ran a custom rim shop. He tried to keep his business going. But he got so tired he had to work from home. That’s when he started icing his head several times a day.

“My wife and kids would go to bed and I’d just go into a corner and cry. I knew this was bad; something’s coming. That’s when I started reaching to God and The 700 Club.  It was just by chance. I turned the TV on and I was flipping through. I was in a desperate kind of feeling and I started listening.” 

Jason heard Pat Robertson praying on TV.

“It was then that I wanted to find out who God was.” 

Jason had prayed and gone to church most of his life, but he says it was just religion to him. Now, he needed something more. 

“Moans were just coming out of me; crying, it wasn’t human crying, it was wailing.  I’ve cried before, but not like this.”

That night, Jason talked to a prayer counselor at CBN.

“And she said, ‘this is an evil disease. This is almost like the devil on you.’ And she said, ‘what you need to do is start with the book of John.’ It was finally time that I could let go.  I needed to. That’s that moment it hit me, I was a Christian then.” 

The more Jason read the Bible, the more he got to know Jesus.

“For the first time, I understood that He was feeling what I was feeling. He knew what I was going through really, and He didn’t want me to go through this. He didn’t want me to die. I felt His human side almost.” 

Jason could finally let down his guard with someone. 

“I knew in my heart now God was going to heal this. It was almost like I could sit in my living room floor and then tomorrow morning, it would be gone. I believed that. Then, I was watching The 700 Club and Pat had mentioned something saying, ‘you can’t just sit there; you have to take the first step and prove to God that you want a miracle.’ And it was just, it felt like it was for me.” 

Jason closed his Bible and went to the emergency room right away. 

“The oncologist came in, I ’ll never forget it, he said, ‘you have cancer and this is severe.’”

He was immediately scheduled for surgery. The time for the operation approached.

“The doctor called me and he was like, ‘look, I just want to let you know, with or without this operation, you’re probably not going to make it.’ He said, ‘if you do come out, you probably won’t have an eye, a nose, a cheek, an ear, and I don’t know how much time I can buy you if you do.’”

Jason went into surgery the next day. And at the end of 16 and one-half hours, the cancer had been completely removed!

“It was a miracle, a true miracle.”

Just six days later, after extensive plastic surgery, Jason was told that he wouldn’t need radiation or chemotherapy. 

“I went back for my post-op and they checked me out and said, ‘you’re good to go,’ and they all clapped for me and stuff. I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for saving me from death. And I made a pact in that prayer that I will spread the word of God every opportunity I have because I want everyone to feel like this.”

Jason says he’s found the peace and security he was always looking for, and it has absolutely nothing to do with his physical appearance.

“When I look at, I guess the old me, when I look at the pictures, I feel like a lost person in there. Believe it or not, I look in the mirror now and I feel better. That only comes from Jesus blessing me that way, because before, my purpose was for me. But now, my purpose is to serve God, and this is a lot better feeling.” 

For others trying to fight their own battles?

“Listen. God’s telling you what you need to do. But listen, and no matter what bad news you get, no matter what you go through, no matter what; in your weakness, you got to give it to Jesus and He will be your strength. And I’m living proof of that.”

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