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Glen Suma

Addicted to Love

By Ken Hulme
The 700 Club – "I thought that the world couldn't give me what I wanted, and I decided to destroy my life," says Glen.

At one time Glen Suma was very happy with his life. His parents gave him everything he wanted, and even more, but all that changed when Glen's father lost his job and the bank took everything that they owned. Glen, then 13, was having a very hard time accepting his family's new circumstances.

"I was disappointed, and then I became bitter," he says.

Glen dealt with his problems by turning to drugs. At first, he used the drugs to forget his problems. Eventually, he became a drug dealer to support his habit. By the time he was 17, Glen had dropped out of school.

"I did not need my parents. I did not need school. I did not need anything," Glen rationalized.

That's when Glen left home. Glen's father felt as though he had failed as a parent. He was very worried about his son and was fearful about what might happen to him.

"As a father, I was thinking, How can Glen be saved while he is on the streets? I used to read in the newspaper that one drug dealer had been caught and another one had died. I would wait to hear news about Glen. When the telephone would ring, I would think that Glen was dead. It was very hard," admits Glen's father.

Glen SumaGlen lost everything. He was homeless and begged for money for drugs.

"I slept in the market place," Glen says, "and when I wanted drugs, my body would shake and I would cover myself with paper. I was alone. I did not have anybody."

Glen remembered his happy childhood and his family. Now he had no one. But then Glen says that God spoke to him.

"He came to me and He said, 'Glen, other people might leave you, but I will never leave you alone. I won't,' " Glen recalls. "I prayed to Him, 'Lord, if You want to help me, take me home to see my parents and heal this situation.' "

Amazingly, Glen found a coin in his pocket, and he called home and talked to his father.

"I thought my father would be angry, but when I called him, he said, 'Glen, where have you been? We have been looking for you! Come home, Son. We have cooked your favorite meal.' I really remembered those words," he says.

Glen realized that it was time to go home, and his father welcomed him with open arms.

Glen Suma"I wanted to create a condition where he was not afraid, where he did not feel rejected, where he might be brave and want to come home," explains Glen's father.

Glen confessed his sin, saying, "Daddy, I'm so sorry. I have made many mistakes and I want to repent, Dad."

In response to his son's humility, Glen's father says, "I touched his head and I prayed. I said, 'Jesus, I thank You for this.' "

The prodigal son had come home.

"The miracle that God has done for me He also did for my parents. This is the greatest miracle I have ever experienced in my life," says Glen.

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