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The Yeboahs: Praise and Thanksgiving

By Cynthia Savage
The 700 Club

CBN.comNicole: I always wanted a big family. In 2004, we wanted a second baby. We tried and it didn’t happen. Every month you’re trying and nothing happens. It weighed so heavy on my heart, and it just made me so depressed. So that’s when I decided to go to a doctor and see what’s going on. The doctors was telling me there’s a blockage.

Kwadwo: They came up and said, “The only way she can have a baby is through in-vitro.” I was disappointed.

Nicole: I didn’t go forward with any fertility treatments after they explained what my options were.  Through it all, we were praying that it would just happen naturally.

Kwadwo: Thankfully my wife stood her ground and said, “No, there’s nothing wrong with me. God is going to provide.”

Nicole: During Thanksgiving, I remember that year of 2006. We were in St. Louis visiting my husband’s cousin. He had turned on CBN and Terry was praying.

Terry: There is someone else. You’re praying for a child. God is going to give you the opportunity to bear a child.

Kwadwo: It was an instant feeling like someone is trying to tell you, “This is you. I’m talking to you.”

Nicole: He said, “Nicole, Nicole, I just listened to CBN, and the Lord said you’re gonna get the opportunity to have a baby.”

Kwadwo: In the middle of that, we were praising God and praying as well.

Nicole: It was a confirmation, because I knew in my heart that the Lord had spoken to me. A baby is coming; you’re going to have a baby. Then we found out we were pregnant like a couple days later after we took the pregnancy test. I was happy, because everything fell in line. When we were naming him, the Lord spoke through my husband.  That’s when he came up with Aseda, which means praise and thanksgiving in Ashanti language.

Kwadwo: After Aseda was born, it gave me a sense and a hope that God is still real. It strengthened our faith.

Nicole: He will make a miracle happen in your body if there’s something that’s going on.

Kwadwo: No matter whatever we go through, He will come. Maybe not our time, but His perfect time He will show up.

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