The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Russell Prewitt: A Speedy Recovery

By Rod Thomas
The 700 Club "Growing up as a kid, I enjoyed riding motorcycles. I was pretty reckless on them, so my father took my motorcycle away," Russell Prewitt tells The 700 Club.

"So, when I was old enough to buy one, I bought one and bought one for my son. We just rode around the land here and had a good time doing that together."

Russell continues, "I was riding around the house. I was acting like I was going in and out of cones, and was going too steep each way. The front wheel went out from under me and I went down on my right shoulder. I heard my shoulder pop. The pain was intense; I mean really intense, and it came instant. I got up and began asking God to heal me."

His wife, Wendy recalls, "He could not raise him arm. He couldn’t move it around like he could hIs other one."

"I ended up getting up and going in and lying on the bed and turning on The 700 Club on the TV. Gordon was doing a Word of Knowledge. I said, 'Lord, if this real, let him say something about me right now.' I was laying my hand on my shoulder."

Gordon spoke and said, “Someone else, you’re laying hands on your right shoulder and there’s a pain deep inside that joint socket, and God is releasing that now in Jesus’ name. Begin to do what you could not before. And know what the Lord has done for you."

"I noticed my arm wasn’t hurting. I began to throw my arm around, and it hurt a little bit, but I could move my arm," Russel says.

"I was in the other room and he started yelling, 'Wendy, come here.' I went in there and he was waving his arms around saying, ‘Its better. Its better. You gotta watch this on TV,’" says Wendy.

"I just rewound the TV and let her watch the word. She just began to laugh and said, ‘No way.’ I said, 'Yes way, it’s been done.' The most amazing thing to me was that I asked the Lord to have him say something about me and within a minute, He spoke directly to the exact situation. I believe God heals because Jesus paid the price. He paid the price for our sickness, our disease, and our healing as much as He paid for our salvation."

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