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Orteil Gay

God's Platform for Healing

By Amy Reid and Tim Smith
The 700 Club

CBN.comOrteil Gay was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was walking across a dark platform to set up a CD player for a banquet when she fell off and severely sprained her foot, her leg, and the entire right side of her body.

Here’s Orteil’s amazing story of how God completely healed her.

“I was falling backwards, and I saw the equipment that was behind me, and actually didn’t want my head to hit the equipment,” she recalls. “I turned, and when I turned, that’s when I actually did hear a pop in my leg. I sprained from my foot all the way up to the middle of my back.”

Paramedics were on their way, but all Orteil could do was wait.

“I’ve actually never had that much pain with my entire body,” she says. “I had torn ligaments, and didn’t just tear them in my foot, but all the way up my body.”

Orteil’s doctors sent her home with medication for the pain and swelling, and told her to take it easy until she got better. But the sprains never healed.

“I absolutely did nothing for six months,” she explains, “because my leg had gotten to the point where it just started to swell. The swelling didn’t go down until the end of the six months.

“Actually, it was the first week of October when Gordon had given a word of knowledge.”

Gordon on TV:  There’s someone else. You have a back sprain; your back has been twisted. God has just healed every muscle and every vertebrae. In Jesus’ name, you are now healed!

“When he mentioned the back sprain, I claimed it,” notes Orteil. “And then [my husband] Winston ran in the room and said, ‘Hon, that’s you.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s me!’

“I was totally healed. The swelling went down. There was no pain whatsoever. I was immediately able to get up and just go. The pain was gone.

“I’m healed by the blood of Christ!” says a very happy Orteil.


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