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The Moe Family's Haunted Parsonage

By Jewel Graham
The 700 Club“At first everything was normal,” Jennifer Moe said. “The house appeared normal, there really was nothing unusual.”

This was the new home for the Moe family. Dean and Jennifer moved their nine children across the state of Oregon to pastor a church.  

“As time went on, after the first couple of weeks our children starting coming to me asking what I wanted; they’d ask me, ‘why did you call me mom? Why do you keep calling my name?’ It wouldn’t be me that had called them to me,” Jennifer said.

“We heard our names being called, and we would get told to do stuff and then we would do it,” said Charles Moe, one of the sons. “Like, Mom asked us for ice water and we went and gave her ice water, and she said thank you but she didn’t ask for it.”

Dean tried to protect his family from what he thought was a physical being.

“I’d be laying there in bed and I would hear what sounded like somebody coming up the stairs from the basement, when we didn’t have anyone downstairs,” Dean said. “And I was concerned at first that we might have an intruder in the house; so I would jump out of bed and go grab something and I’d open up the door, and there’d be nothing there.”

Fourteen-year-old Charles felt like he was being watched when he went down to the basement.
“I was putting a box of Christmas stuff inside of there and the door slammed; and I was trying to get out and I couldn’t get out. It was shut. It wouldn’t open. It felt like it was locked,” Charles said.

“At that point, I knew it was a demon presence in our house,” Jennifer said. “None of our kids would go downstairs without having the upstairs door open; and you had to stand there at that doorway and watch for them, so they could shout for you. So, they were that scared.”

“They would sleep in our room, actually on our floor at one point, or in the living room floor. They wouldn’t even go into bedrooms to sleep. They wanted to be that close to Mom and Dad,” Jennifer said.

Eventually Jennifer couldn’t sleep at night either.

“I would be asleep, and there would be flashes of light that flashed into my face and that would wake me up,” Jennifer said, “and there would be somebody’s face in my face, or somebody at the end of the bed, or somebody in the hall that I could see or strange music that would play in the middle of the night.”

Dean and Jenifer fasted and prayed over this supernatural activity in their home for almost a year when Jenifer hit her breaking point.

“I was watching The 700 Club, I do it most days as I clean my room; and that’s when Pat Robertson had a Word of Knowledge about it,” Jenifer said. “I claimed that at that point for our family, and it left that day. And it’s almost like he had a temper tantrum on his way out and threw all the books around off of one of the bookcases.”

“No walking on the stairs, no sounds of anybody walking up the stairs, no music, no flashes of light, its all gone; definitely a house set free,” said Jennifer after it had left.

“When I came home, everybody was more relaxed,” Dean said. “The children were more playful, just everything in the house felt so much better and just that tension had been released.”

“I think it just reiterates over and over again the power of our God compared to Satan,” Jenifer said. “Regardless of anything he tries or anything he does, Satan is definitely in subjection to our God. ‘Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world,’ is a true statement, it is absolutely true!”

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