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Dying Mom Delivers Miracle Baby

By Rob Hull
The 700 Club“I was fighting for my life. And I was afraid. How could I go from feeling wonderful to all of a sudden, ‘Hold on. Fight for your life. Be strong?’” Treva Gordon was pregnant with her third child, a girl. But all her hopes and dreams for her unborn daughter turned to fear, 37 weeks into her pregnancy.

Treva remembers, “That evening we were watching television, having a wonderful time, and all of a sudden I experienced a pain in my stomach like never before. It was like someone had taken a knife and had stabbed me in my stomach. It immediately caused me to drop to my knees in pain. My son, he ran across the street to get the neighbor and the neighbor came. She found me on the floor. I had never felt pain like that before.”

Treva was rushed to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed severe toxemia and several other life-threatening conditions. Dr. Lisa McIntosh, Treva’s doctor recalls her condition, “Her blood pressures were stroke level, very close to death. Her liver hematoma was extremely large. It could have ruptured at any time. When they do rupture the mortality for that event is extremely high.”

Treva’s husband Robert was recalled from military service in Iraq to be with her. “I was on a plane leaving within hours. When you hear something like that, first thing you want to do, you want to pray.”

Treva’s liver and kidneys were shutting down. Doctors performed an emergency C-section and saved Treva’s baby. But Treva’s life hung in the balance. After two days in intensive care, with no signs of improvement, she was life-flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

Treva remembers, “It seemed as if there was a lot of chaos in the room; trying to get my kidney functions revived and working and my liver functions had completely failed. And all I could do was just lie there and pray. I said, ‘God, help me. I don’t know what—what’s going on with me. I’ve never been sick a day in my life, how did I go from feeling wonderful to this?’”

Treva was placed on a dialysis machine and spent several more days in the hospital, in and out of consciousness. Friends, family and church members gathered in prayer for her survival. Treva says she had visions that death was waiting across the hall.

“Prayer is what prevented death from coming over to take me, and he could not cross because of this white light. He said, ‘As soon as this beam or this traffic of light stops, I’m going to come across this room and I’m going to take you.’ I was so fearful, and I just kept saying, ‘I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.’”
Treva’s Pastor came to visit her in the hospital. “When I walked in, it was a very desperate situation. The doctors had basically given up on her. That’s when I realized that this was a make it or break it moment for her. When I approached her bed, I just felt like the Lord tell me, ‘Just go ahead and lay hands on her. You do what you’re called to do and let Me do what I’m here to do.’”

“When I actually woke up,” Treva says, “and I could really see my pastor was standing there in the ER room, I was so glad to see him. And he was praying over me. And I just felt the peace of God that God didn’t forget about me. And I was still fighting for my life. But I thank God for the prayers.”

Treva slowly began to heal. Her doctors told her she was fortunate to be alive considering the severity of her condition when she arrived. “They said, ‘Many women come to this hospital in the condition you’re in. And within 5 minutes of being in that condition, 5 minutes … they die right there on the table. And for you to have survived that, it’s a miracle.’ I thank God for just being my Doctor in the sick room at that hospital. I don’t know why He allowed me to live, but He did.”

After two weeks in the hospital Treva was sent home for months of bed rest and kidney dialysis. “I knew that I had to fight. I knew others were praying for me. But I had to pray. I began to read the Word of God and to stand on His promises. I read every Scripture about healing and I took that in. He says, ‘By his stripes, I am healed. I surrounded myself with the Word of God. I became strong. God says let the weak say that I am strong. I began to say greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. And I felt the strength of God come.”

Today, Treva is healed and healthy. She says it was God who brought her through. Her daughter Robyn is a perfectly healthy little girl. “God has restored my organs; my kidneys are restored, my liver functions, no more high blood pressure, hypertension, none of that. I am healed today. I am a miracle.”
Her husband Robert says, “Whatever the situation is, trust in God and believe God for it. Believe God for it. It may not happen on that day when you want it to happen, but continue to believe God for it and just trust in God and God will pull you through it.”

Her doctor testifies, “Treva is very strong in her faith, and I think that played a significant role in her healing. She had a lot to live for.”

Treva says, “I’ll never be ashamed to tell what God has done for me. Because He has set me free. I should have been six feet under. But now I’m taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I’ll tell it wherever I can tell it, that God is good.”

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