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Nasir Iqbar's Coma: A Portal to Christ

By Gorman Woodfin
The 700 Club

CBN.comNasir Iqbal was alone the morning a young man walked into his convenience store in New York City.

“I ask him, ‘Can I help you?’ He turn and say to me, ‘Give me my money.’ And I try to open the cash drawer and it couldn’t open,” Nasir said.

The man pulled out a lead pipe and beat Nasir unconscious. A store manager from next door called the police for help and Nasir was rushed to the hospital.

“I was 22 days in coma. Doctor say to my wife I don’t have a head injury, I have a traumatic brain injury,” Nasir said. “My right side brain is damaged and there is only few hope, 20 to 50 percent chance I can survive.”

After 3 weeks, Nasir came to. He’d live, but he suffered severe brain damage that left the left side of his body completely paralyzed. Nasir also lived in constant pain. But something else was troubling him. While in the coma, he had a strange encounter - a vision of Christ talking directly to him. Nasir went to church, but never had a personal relationship with Christ.

“I saw the vision,” Nasir said. “Christ appear to me. He say, ‘Nasir you want to live?’ I say, ‘Yes Lord I want to live.’ He say, ‘If you want to live you have to be born again.’ I never heard in my life. What mean of born again? I ask him, ‘Lord, how can I be born again? My mom is 60-year-old. My father is dead.’”

Despite the vision, Nasir lost all hope. He asked to pray with a pastor before he died.
A pastor visiting the hospital spoke to Nasir. To his surprise, the pastor used the same phrase he’d heard in his vision.

“One Christian pastor came,” Nasir said. “Again I ask him the same question, ‘Pastor, I need a confession.’ He said, ‘Son, confession alone does nothing. Repent and give your heart to the Lord; you shall be saved. You be healed and you will be born again.’ I say, ‘What? Born again? What shall I do for that?’ Then he say, Pray after me.’ When I pray, ‘Lord, come in my life. My life is yours.’ At that time electricity pass through my paralyzed side and its change my life.”

Doctors told Nasir if he didn’t improve in the next 90 days, he’d never get better.

“Doctor say to me, ‘We give you 90 days. If during 90 days your body give any progress, we keep in the rehab, we work on you, we give you therapies. But if not any improvement, we send you long term patient,’” Nasir recalled.

Nasir not only improved, the medical staff was amazed at his progress.

“Before 90 days finish, my body not only give progress - I start walking without any walker,” Nasir said. “Doctor was saying if I crawl or I walk with a walker, it’s a miracle.”

After several months of therapy and a major surgery, Nasir made a complete recovery. Today Nasir, his wife and 2 children live in southern California. He’s dedicated to telling others about his amazing story and his unbelievable recovery.

“But I receive my healing when I give my heart to the Lord,” he said. “Lord was waiting for my respond. He give me the message when I respond to him, when I say yes to him and healing start happening. That change my life. Jesus is my Lord. Lord mean he own anything, everything. For me, he is the Lord mean he is my everything.”

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