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Mary Greer: 'He Called Me By Name'

By Rod Thomas
The 700 Club

Original Air Date: January 7, 2011 – "I had a car accident in 1988. I hit my head pretty hard, and ever since then I started having migraines," Mary Greer tells The 700 Club. "They’d come on me really hard, and I’d always get really nauseated and vomiting.

"My husband was so good.  He was a saint.  He used to have to take care of me. The light was really bad.  It really triggered the migraines, so I had to be in a dark room."

"The prognosis was very miserable as far as expecting her to have a recovery," Dr. Ethan Allen  says.

Mary says, "I couldn’t even imagine living like that the rest of my life. Gordon Robertson had a word of knowledge about a woman named Mary with debilitating migraines. He was talking about me. My migraine went away right away. I started praising God and thanking Him for the blessing, because I’d suffered so long   I felt so special.  I knew that the Lord loved me, but I didn’t know He loved me that much."

"Two weeks later I saw her, and she was feeling great, which was quite an unusual statement," Dr. Allen. "Her migraines had stopped, which was remarkable.   At times miracles do happen."

"He said it was a miracle," Mary says. "Just unbelievable, because he’d seen me go through so much suffering."

Dr. Allen adds, "Well today, the prognosis is excellent."

"God loves me so much, He called me by name. God’s love is just so unbelievable.  He loves us completely."

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