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Sarah Miranda: A Miracle Healing

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club -Three year old Sarah Miranda looks like any other healthy little girl her age. But just after she was born, doctors gave her only hour to live.

Svetlana Miranda, her mother remembers, “She had iv’s in her head. She had iv’s in her arms.  She had tubes on her.  I just cried over her. “

Jose and Svetlana Miranda were excited about the birth of their second child. But after a routine check up at 39 weeks, doctors sent Svetlana straight to the hospital for an early delivery.

“It was a very difficult labor,” says Svetlana. “But the end, you know, little Sarah was born, and that was a joyous moment and at that point you forget about the shivering and the fever.”

Jose recalls, “There’s no greater joy than a father holding their child for the first time, especially your little girl. This is my second.”

But during labor, doctors discovered that both mother and daughter had contracted a deadly form of viral meningitis. Both developed high fevers.

“Here I’m like healthy, and then I couldn’t even get up and move,” Svetlana explains.

Soon excruciating headaches, backaches and convulsions racked Svetlana’s body. Baby Sarah was suffering too.

Dr. Craig Anderson, a Neonatologist who treated Sarah says, “Meningitis in and of itself can be a life threatening disease.  It’s an infection in the spinal fluid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord. So when she was diagnosed with that is when her symptoms began to deteriorate.”

Doctors told Jose if baby Sarah’s and Svetlana’s conditions didn’t improve he could lose both his daughter and his wife.

“I felt like I was hit with a sledgehammer twice over my body,” says Jose. “Words cannot in the natural express how a human being feels especially a husband, unless you walk through this.”

Jose called his mother for prayer.

He says, “She immediately, without skipping a beat, said, ‘I am calling the 700 Club right now.’ That brought a sense of hope, a breath of fresh air.”

Delia Miranda – “And they immediately came in intercessory prayer for my son, for my daughter in law, for my grand baby and I knew in my spirit that that prayer went directly to heaven.”

Within days, Svetlana’s fever went down and her condition improved. She and Jose were allowed to visit Sarah in the neonatal intensive care unit. After 14 days Svetlana was released from the hospital. But baby Sarah remained in intensive care. Everyday they prayed healing scriptures over their little girl.

Svetlana remembers, “I would just sit there repeatedly declaring them, ‘Lord, I just thank you that Sarah’s going to live and not die and declare the works of the lord.’” 

A week later, Sarah took a turn for the worse.

Dr. Anderson – “She started to develop multi-organ system failure. Her condition deteriorated significantly. She ultimately had signs of liver failure, heart failure and her meningitis. Adding together, meningitis, hepatitis and myocarditis, probably a 95% mortality in a newborn baby having all three of these organs involved with this infection.”

Doctors told Jose and Svetlana that baby Sarah had one hour to live.

“And it was during that time the nurse came and told us that her ph level was 6.6, which basically from what I understand, means the body is clinically considered dead. And we just didn’t want to accept that fact,” says Svetlana.

“We began to take authority over the spirit of death,” says Jose. “The spirit that was trying to attack her heart, of death, her liver, her acidity level. Every part of her body.  We began to speak the word of God.”

Friends and family members interceded for Sarah’s healing. After one hour her condition began to improve.

Svetlana recall, “A nurse comes in again and she just stops and says, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing what you’re doing, because your baby’s ph level just normalized textbook, normal, perfect.’ And we just rejoiced. We rejoiced and we thanked God. “

Tests revealed Sarah’s heart was responding to medication and all of her vitals were improving. Less than a week after Sarah was given one hour to live she came home from the hospital completely well!

“We got to take her home and that she’s healthy, that she’s alive, that she just walked through this and that she’s a miracle, that God literally rose her from the dead.  We realized that.  And we just couldn’t stop thanking the lord for that,” says Svetlana.

Specialists say that Sarah’s sight, hearing and brain functions are all above average. In fact, her heart looks like nothing was ever wrong with it.

Dr. Anderson, “It is like a miracle that she looks as good and as healthy and strong as she is today knowing what she had as a newborn. It’s a combination of medicine and faith that brings Sarah to appear the way she does today.

Today Sarah is four years old and is doing great!

Sarah says, “I love Jesus this much.”

“She is the bubbliest, happiest, joyful girl.  And Jose and I, we always say, ‘she has a reason to be joyful.’”

Jose says, “God gave us medicine and God gave us prayer and faith in him. God is real.”

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