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Kim Savage: Healing Not Hard to Swallow

By Aaron Little
The 700 Club

CBN.comIn the words of Kim Savage:

“I had a lump in my throat. I had a hard time swallowing; a hard time anytime I ate something. It was an obstruction in my throat. I mean, it was continual.” 

“In my mind I’m thinking all the horrible things it could possibly be, and I’m also concerned because January, my deductibles started over on my health insurance. I have a very high deductible, $2500 a year. And I’m thinking, ah, this is going to be a huge out of pocket expense if I go to the doctor, even if it was something very benign.”

“I had nowhere to go but to trust God. And that’s what I was doing. I was just kind of hanging on there going, ‘God, I need your help with this.’”

“Every single day I watch The 700 Club. It was a typical day. I was watching it and I was praying along and all of a sudden when Terry Meeuwsen’s word came forth…”

Terry on Video: “Someone else, you have, when you swallow, it’s almost like you have to swallow over something in your throat. I don’t know what it is, but God is healing that condition for you and taking it away.”

“I mean I just went ‘ah!’ I mean, it took my breath. I just threw my hands up and was like, ‘thank you Lord. Praise you. Thank you.’ And I just rejoiced; I thanked Him. I was just so in awe. I know it can happen. But when it really happens to you, you realize, oh God, you saw me in my time of distress and in my time of need. I had no place else to go.  That was it. It was Him and I.”

“I was telling everybody. I was like, ‘let me tell you what happened.’ And, I’m nobody special. I’m not some super spiritual being. I’m just a girl who was in a position where I had no place else to go; I had to trust Him. And He met me in my greatest time of fear.  He - in one - in a nanosecond, it dissipated. And if he’ll do it for me, he’ll do it for anybody.”

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