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Khaleed: Changing a Muslim's Mind

By Mary Ruth Goochee
The 700 Club

CBN.comI always felt different being a Muslim, but it was kind of a good thing. It always gave me the confidence that I was following the right faith.
I always believed that Allah was god, but growing up in high school, I wanted to have fun like I saw everyone else having fun. It’s like, what’s fun about not smoking pot? What’s fun about not drinking? Fun about not partying? It’s like what everyone does to have fun. So I wanted to do that, and later on when I become a parent and I’m raising children, then I’ll be a good Muslim.

I always had a love for music and a passion for music. I really, really just wanted to do something in the music business. I just had a love for it.

The day that Eddie [James] met me, the Lord spoke to him and said, “I want you to take Khaleed on the road with you. I’m going to save him.”

It’s kind of funny, because it was right after 911 had happened, and Eddie was not trying to take no Muslim into his ministry.

I thought this was my big break. I could care less about Jesus. But I wanted to learn what I could from Eddie and then just go and do my own thing.

First place we went to was Nashville, TN. My friend David got bitten on his hand by a bug, insect or something. His hand starts swelling up, and I was thinking maybe we need to get some type of cream or go to a doctor. It didn’t look like it was getting any better.

The mother of the house we were staying with came up to David and said, “I’m going to pray for you. I want to believe that God will heal your hand.” I thought this lady has got to be out of her mind. Jesus healing a hand? That’s the stuff they do on TV. Who believes that?

Right in front of my face, the swelling goes away. You couldn’t even tell anything was wrong with his hand.

I had an infection in my mouth. My wisdom teeth were growing in crooked. But I also had an infection like around my wisdom teeth, which, is like pain on top of pain. I didn’t get any sleep ever. It had been going on for a good two weeks.

So I walked up to her and I said, “Can you do for my mouth what I saw you do for his hand?” When she started praying for me, it was gone. I knew it was gone. I just needed a minute to come to grips with what just happened.

I remember sitting in the chair after she prayed for me. I sat down and I go, “Oh my god, my whole life is going to change.”

Of course everybody says, “Do you feel any pain? Are you healed?” I said, “I’ve been having medicine all day long, just let me sleep on it and I’ll tell you in the morning.” 

So I ran downstairs, and they had these sugar molasses cookies. I started shoving them in my mouth, trying to agitate and get the pain working. There was absolutely no pain. I began to really start freaking out. I started punching myself in my face, trying to make some kind of pain in my teeth and my face.  

And I realized Jesus was God. I just told Him, ‘Okay, Jesus, I give you my life.”

I never knew that God would be involved in a human life so personal that He would set them free and deliver them – that He would care enough to do that and intervene.

It was a month after I got healed. We went to this conference in Alabama. It was the first time I heard the voice of the Lord. The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘If you want to know if this is real, get up and see for yourself. “

I closed my eyes and said, “Okay, Lord, just show me whatever you want to show me.”

They began to pray for me, and my knees just turned like rubber. I couldn’t stand. I said, “Okay, Lord, for real, God, Jesus, whoever, I really want to know you. I really want you to give me all that you got.” So I just raised my hands, and with nobody touching me, I just fell over like a ton of bricks.

I felt like I left my body, and I kept going up and up through the roof. I feel like the Lord took me to heaven. The best way for me to describe it is, if love had a color, it’s all that I saw. I’ve never experienced or felt a love, peace like I felt in that moment. I just had an encounter with Him, and it didn’t matter what He was. I knew I wanted to live for that God.

He gave me a promise when I first gave my life to Him that He was going to save my whole family. He was going to start with my sister, my mother and then my father. So since then my sister has come to the Lord. A couple years after that encounter, my mother came to Christ. So now they’re both serving the Lord. We’re just believing the Lord to fulfill what He said He was going to do and save my dad.

I’m just so happy that I found Christ and that I have a Heavenly Father. To be honest, I’m not good enough. But I have a Heavenly Father who loves me even in my weakness.  That makes me good enough.

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