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Eric & Nancy Pierre: Experiencing a Double Miracle

By Kristi Watts
The 700 Club Erick and Nancy Pierre talk with the 700 Club’s Kristi Watts about the miracle that changed their lives.

Nancy:  “We were focusing on our careers in the entertainment field. We really weren’t thinking about family.”

Great things were happening for Eric and Nancy Pierre.  They recently married…had a new baby on the way, and together gave their hearts to the Lord.

Then one day everything changed. On the day their baby boy was due.

Nancy: “I went to the bathroom and something popped.”

Eric: “I remember when I went into the hospital. Nancy was upstairs and my mother-in-law came downstairs to tell me that Nancy lost the baby.”

“So, when I went upstairs and I saw the baby, I just started thanking Jesus for just being able to see the baby.”

Nancy: “My biggest fear was walking out of this hospital without a baby. How would I explain this to people? I serve a risen Savior who does miracles so how am I going to explain to them there is no baby?”

As time went by and they drew closer to the Lord…

Nancy: “This may have happened, it was for a reason and I don’t know what that reason was, but I know it was for a reason. We began to just heal. And people would continue to encourage us. And before you know it, life was back to normal again.”

The next couple years not only did God heal their broken hearts but God blessed them with more children.

Several years later Nancy was pregnant with their third child.

Nancy: “It was about 5 o’clock in the morning and I felt like this heaviness in my stomach. It almost seemed like when I turned over my stomach turned over after.”

Eric: “We knew from the first birth that we weren’t going to play any games. We rushed to the hospital.”

Nancy: “When I heard the doctor say we needed to go ‘NOW!!!’ I immediately said to the Lord, ‘God, not again. Please Lord! I can’t go through this again.’”

Eric: They rushed Nancy into the operating room and did an emergency C-section.

Nancy: “They were doing everything simultaneously. They wheeled me out, stuck the IV in my arm. Giving me anesthesia, EVERYTHING was happening at the same time.”

Eric: “They had to resuscitate the baby. The baby was actually dead…swimming in the blood for three minutes.”

Nancy’s doctor, Dr. Leontine Narceses: “Nancy came in with placental abruption. Her placenta had basically started to remove itself from her uterus. This is dangerous to the baby because the baby’s oxygen supply starts to go down.”

This condition is also life threatening to the mother. The detached placenta causes severe hemorrhaging which in turn causes vital organs to shut down.

Eric: “She was bleeding internally, and that’s when it became very scary because they didn’t know how to stop the bleeding.”   

Dr. Narceses: “She was critical! I mean 100% critical!”

Nancy: “I saw life leave my body. I saw my fingers turning a dark brown. It’s like I was dying.  I knew it, but I was so passive. I couldn’t react or respond or pray or do anything but something was happening and I was dying.

Eric: “I needed God to show up quick!  And so I needed some people who knew how to pray and could tear down heaven.”

Kristi Watts: “Did you think you were going to lose your wife?”

Eric too overcome with emotion to speak, could only nod his head, “Yes.”

Nancy was in a coma. Baby Pierre was monitored 24 hours a day. Both were in critical condition.

Kristi: “Was there a time where you said, ‘Lord, I went through this already. I don’t want to go through this again.’?”

Eric: “I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone.  She would call me every morning to encourage me, and I said, ‘It’s hard for me to trust God during this situation cause I don’t know what’s going to happen. How do you trust God?’”

“She said, ‘Just bare everything to Him. Just share your heart with Him.’”

Kristi: “How did you really feel at this time?”

Eric:  “’God, I need Your peace. I need clarity of mind. I need You to show me what’s going on in this situation. I don’t know how to pray. I know I’m praising you, is this enough, God? What else do you want from me?  Are you breaking me down, God?’”

Friends and family prayed day and night for Nancy and her baby.

Eric: “We decided to go into ‘Operation Prayer Warfare’. I tied scripture around everything just believing that those healing words would just penetrate the flesh.”

Dr. Narcese: “Her husband was there every night, praying and reading their Bibles. The level of faith in this family was tremendous.”

Kristi: “When did things start to turn? When you start to see God answering your prayers?”

Eric: “I was walking back to the hospital and the Lord reminded me of a dream that Nancy had where she crushed a helicopter with her bare hands.”

Kristi: “What did that dream represent to you?”

Eric: “She knew that God was giving her strength, supernatural strength. That’s the moment when I knew that Nancy was going to get better.”

After 11 days and around the clock prayer… Nancy woke up!

Nancy: “They thought that I was going to be some vegetable or have some sort of issues, walking or thinking. No! God made me whole. Not only did He heal me but He made me whole. I’m in my right mind. I had long-term and short-term memory. Only God can do that. See, man can only do a little bit and sew you up, and maybe you’ll be a little crooked, but God came in and made me completely whole.”

In fact just 3 days after coming out of a coma. Nancy walked out of the hospital!

Dr. Narcese: “It was not one miracle, there were two miracles!”

God miraculously healed their baby girl as well.

Dr. Narcese: “I think they evaluated her at some high level. They couldn’t believe it. They basically kicked her out and said, ‘Your baby is more than normal. She is smart as a whip. Get her out of here. She doesn’t need us.’”

Today Nancy and Eric have 4 beautiful children. Including their miracle baby Naomi, who is now a vivacious 4 year old!

Nancy: “I have to tell everybody about the healing power of Jesus Christ.  You have to understand that God is real.” 

“So if we really, really believe in the word of God, and we believe what He says is true, then we won’t have any problems trusting His heart for us.”

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