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Jeremy's Prayer for His Generation
Father, we just come before you God and just lift up this generation to you God. They’re so hungry for something that’s real. God, this is the generation that will be pure before you and the generation that will seek your face God. God we just lift it up to you God, and say God, do what you want with this generation God. For our Generation is crying out for the reality God. They’re so hungry for something that’s real, God. God, so I just pray for the reality of You to come forth in the church, come forth in Your body, come forth in Your bride … that our generation would be known for intimacy with God, that we would know the heart of our Father and not be afraid to speak it. Oh God that this generation, God the leaders of this generation will come forth God and that we would lead, a movement of God. God, we just call that forth … God, a generation that will love You wholeheartedly and passionately, and we won’t lose one God. No more prodigals, God. When they say that they love You God, that it would be a love that will not die. I pray for intercession to come forth God, and the spirit of travail. Amen.
Amazing story

Jeremy Miller: A Restored Heart for His Generation

By Janet White
The 700 Club"I'm Jeremy Kyle Miller. I love music. I loved hip-hop. Hip-hop became who I was and everything was about hip-hop."

"He got into hip-hop because he saw these guys as strong and tough. And that’s what he wanted to be. We could see the changes in him," says Jeremy's parents, Jeanne and Jeremy Miller.

Jeremy continues, "As a rapper you want to be like the rapper and understand where they’re coming from. So I mean, they talked about smoking, and I started smoking and drinking. It just came along with it. I smoked weed and cigars. All that stuff was the lifestyle. And I never drank beer, it was hard liquor ... you know, drinking whole bottles of Bacardi."

"I started stealing from stores and you know, stole clothes, and it was a thrill. But at 14, I remember we stole about $3,000 worth of merchandise from a store. I just kept going back . It was worse and worse from there."

He decided he was moving out. He was grown, and so he left home.

"It just got worse and worse. I got a whole bunch of speeding tickets. I had to go to court, and they ended up revoking my license," remembers Jeremy. "So I had to move back home, which was a humbling process. I started to straighten up because I was living with my parents."

"If God was real I wanted to know. I got into this prayer meeting, and they just started praying. And this one guy looks at me."

"I was immediately led to Jeremy," says Maurice Hiliard, the man who felt a burden for Jeremy.

"He [Maurice] started praying for me and my friend and literally started telling me things I was doing in my life. I was kinda freaked out because this guy was no quiet guy. Then after a while he was telling me, 'Do you know the name Jeremy?' And I’m like, 'Oh Man.' "

Maurice remembers, "He looked startled and said, 'I’m Jeremy!' ”

"Then at that moment, reality struck me. God is real, and He’s called me. And I just started to weep and cry," Jeremy recalls.

"I just began to just speak with confidence and boldness ... telling him that God had a plan for his life, and God was calling him to minister to his generation," says Maurice.

"I was so hungry for God in that moment. He really met me."

Jeremy's dad agrees, "When I saw him it was like ... it was like night and day in him."

"It was just a love for God that just overwhelmed my life and took away all the other things. My heart is completely in love with God and everything about God," says Jeremy.

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