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Baby Isabella: Ultrasounds Reveal Miracle

By Rob Hull
The 700 Club“We always knew we wanted three or four children,” Rachel Piferi said. “Our first two pregnancies went pretty smoothly and we were excited about the third. We decided we weren’t going to find out if it were a boy or a girl because we wanted to add a little of excitement in this one.”

Twenty weeks into their third pregnancy, Rachel and Silvano Pifori got more excitement than they hoped for. After reviewing two ultrasounds, their doctor delivered devastating news.

“He looked at us and said things look very grim. And he began going through a laundry list of things that were wrong with the baby,” Rachel said, “very little amniotic fluid around, problems with the brain, problems with the heart, there’s no bladder, no kidneys, skin edema, just went on and on and on. I remember feeling very out of control and very helpless and certainly very sad; and also trying to figure out how am I going to explain this to the kids - how are they going to understand this?”

The ultrasounds also revealed that Rachel had full placenta previa, a condition where the placenta attaches to the cervix underneath the baby. If Rachel went into labor she could bleed to death.

“It’s difficult to be with your wife as she’s hearing this information. It was definitely a time of sorrow. What do you do when you wife is really upset and I can’t fix it?” Silvano said. “That’s when the praying started really, to calm us down, to get us prepared for what was going to happen.”

Rachel’s Doctors recommended that she terminate the pregnancy.

“I remember thinking that we just have to give God the opportunity to work here and termination wasn’t an option,” Rachel said. “It wasn’t something we were going to do. Regardless of how it turned out we wanted to give God the opportunity to do something great. I remember saying to the doctor, ‘We’re just going to wait and see.’ She looked at me and she said, ‘What are you waiting for?’ And before I could even answer she said, ‘If you’re waiting for a miracle, it’s not going to happen.’”

Rachel and Silvano surrounded themselves with family and friends and prayed.

What really became so apparent was that we weren’t alone. We had God and we had our amazing friends who were with us all the time,” Rachel said.

“The prayer and conversation that you have with God is the kind that really helps you get through these times,” Silvano added.

As Rachel neared her due date, she had one more ultrasound to check the condition of the placenta previa. She asked the technician to check the baby as well. They were stunned when he told them what he saw.

“’There’s the baby’s bladder.’ And I said, ‘But the baby doesn’t have a bladder,’” Rachel said. “And he said, ‘Sure it does and it’s full of urine.’ I said, ‘Excuse me?’ I said, ‘The baby doesn’t have any kidneys.’ And he said, ‘You don’t have any urine in the bladder without any kidneys.’”

“Every time they were saying what was fixed, I was praying Please Lord, don’t let this stop,” Silvano said.

The technician called in the doctor and together they looked over the findings. Even the placenta previa had been corrected.

“It was so fascinating to watch the doctors confused,” Rachel said. “I remember thinking, ‘This is God, because they don’t know what’s going on here.’ The doctor looked at us and he said, ‘Don’t quote me on this, but I don’t see any of the problems that they say exist.’”

Rachel brought her pregnancy to term, and to the amazement of her doctors, Isabella Piferi came into the world a healthy baby girl, every organ perfectly in place.

“Even though this miracle, this work of God, is for us because we have a child; this miracle is not just for us,” Silvano said. “It’s for us to show to others.”

“When you have no control at all and you think, ‘I could never survive it!’ You can,” Rachel said. “You can survive it. God will give you the people. God will give you the comfort. He’ll give you the right message at the right time.”

Silvano and Rachel joyfully share what they have learned during their time of need. Little Isabella is a constant reminder of the power and love of God in their lives.

“We put our faith in God and it just changed us,” Silvano said.

“We don’t have control of everything, and we have to rely on God,” Rachel said. “We’re so glad we gave God the opportunity to work. Some people may not have and they would have missed out on an amazing, amazing miracle.”

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