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Seeing Double Visions

By Dan Reany
The 700 Club

CBN.comHaji Mohammed Ahmed grew up in a Muslim family and earned the Haji title because he’d gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

“I was a very strong Muslim,” says Mohammed. “In my family, our main purpose was to build mosques and spread Islam everywhere.”

As a leader in the mosque, Mohammed organized small gangs that prowled the streets looking for Christians.

“We would beat Christians who were going to church. In that area, I burned seven Bibles,” he says.

He even attacked one Christian with a knife. That was Mohammed’s life—until one night when he had a strange dream.

“When I was sleeping, some kind of voice came from heaven, Mohammed recalls. "That voice told me that what I was doing was wrong."

Mohammed knew it was the Voice of God. When he told his mother about the dream, she refused to listen and kicked him out of the house. Mohammed grew up in a strict Muslim home, so he refused to follow God.

Then he had another dream, but this time, God was angry. Mohammed still refused to obey, but then became very sick.

“I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t walk. I didn’t talk," he explains. "A very heavy burden just fell upon me. I went to different hospitals to get treatment, but I couldn’t get healed.”

Then Mohammed remembered some missionaries who had tried to tell him about Jesus Christ.

“I was afraid my friends and relatives would kill me," says Mohammed, "but I decided to call the missionaries to talk with them. They told me about the Bible and they encouraged me. I decided to receive Jesus as my Savior. The same day, all of my burdens, all of my diseases, disappeared from my body.”

Mohammed wasn’t the only person to accept Jesus after his visions.

“I told my mother and other family members also about my healing and my peace, and many of them received Jesus,” he says.

Although he knew his sins were forgiven, Mohammed felt guilty for the way he had treated Christians in the past.

“Still I am asking forgiveness for what I have done before,” he says.

Today, the man Mohammed attacked is a close friend. They’ve both been trained by Accelerated International Missions Strategies, or AIMS, to spread the gospel throughout Ethiopia. Mohammed says their friendship and work together could only come about through the healing power of Jesus Christ.

“I don’t have any hesitation that Jesus is real," says Mohammed. "He is my peace, my healing, my ministry, and my Savior."

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