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Candace Henry: Healed from Hepatitis

By Dan Reany
The 700 Club

CBN.comCandace Henry was active in her church and leading a normal, happy life, until her doctor gave her a routine physical with blood work.

Candace says, “I was told I had Hepatitis C, and I was traumatized. I felt so good. How could I be sick?”

She had the worst form of the disease,

“The liver biopsy showed that I was in the third stage of this disease,” says Candace. “I know I had had it for 30 years.”

Friends at church prayed over her often, waiting for a healing. Specialists didn’t expect her to recover, but they did start a punishing treatment regimen.

“He said that I would lose all my hair and to get a nice wig or something.”

There was also a possibility she’d need a liver transplant “… which the list is so long it would have taken the hand of God to have gotten me a liver,” Candace says.

But just two and a half months into her treatment, God performed an even bigger miracle right in Candace’s own home.

The 700 Club came on,” Candace recalls. “Pat Robertson started to get a Word of knowledge.”

Pat Robertson said, “Right now, as we’re praying, you’ve got liver disease. It’s liver cancer, which is, without a transplant, probably fatal. God’s healing it right now.”

“I went from drained and a weariness to a ‘I’m that woman! It’s me! This is me!’ I felt it in my spirit. This is me. This was a Word straight from God to me,” Candace says. “The word was sent by Pat, listening to the voice of God. I went back to the doctor and told him, ‘I’m healed. The Lord healed me.’ He said, ‘That’s not possible.’… I said, ‘Doctor, the Lord said He had healed me.’”

The doctor agreed to perform some more tests and found that Candace’s viral count had gone from the millions --- down to zero.

“He said ‘I can’t find anything. It’s gone.’I immediately jumped up and started praising God in the office. I had church in that little office that they bring you into right then. I didn’t wait until later, I had church right then.”

A dozen tests over the course of a year confirmed Candace no longer had hepatitis. Her specialist wrote a letter saying she was cured, and released her from his care.

“When the devil of doubt comes, know who he is, recognize him, identify him, and kick him out in the name of Jesus."

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