The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Randy Geissler: Breaking Bad Habits

By Amy Reid
The 700 Club “For 18 years, I was chewing snuff, every day. I had to have it. It was almost like an obsession,“ Randy Geissler tells the 700 Club.

“I tried the patch; I tried cold turkey; I tried weaning it so many times over the years.  And a lot of the time I would try to, I’d get the shakes; I’d break out in sweats. It was almost like a drug.  That drive to go for the tobacco was just so intense all the time,” Randy says.

“But it wasn’t until I was watching the 700 Club, and Pat comes on and he says, 'I wanna pray for those who wanna be delivered from addictions.' Pat Robertson continues, 'Some are enslaved to nicotine.'"

Randy debated for only a moment. “And I thought, well, Lord, I’m gonna pray and seek you to help me.  And Pat prayed and I prayed with him.Once he was done, I turned the tv off, laid down and went to sleep.”

Randy was surprised by what happened next.  “ The very next morning, I kinda had a lack of a taste for it, if that’s a proper way of saying it.  So I just stuck it in my pocket and I walked out and I headed down to the shop."

"That whole day I had no desire to chew it. None.  And I realized—I’m not doing this on my own, because I’ve never had any willpower or ability to do it by myself before.” 

Randy continues.  “I said, something’s going on here.  I had no shakes, no headaches, no stress of any kind, wasn’t breaking out in sweats and snapping at people.  Wasn’t jittery and shaky.  It was like it was totally gone. And to this day, I have not touched the stuff.” 

Randy is grateful to God for delivering him so completely.   ““I was like, “Thank you Lord. It’s all you. I give you all the glory, give you all the honor for what you’ve done, because it had nothing to do with me.””

“When you allow God to intervene in your life, to take over, it is so much easier!” Randy declares.

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