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Julian Scott Mayo: He Called Me by Name

By Barbara Cornick
The 700 Club“We knew in our heart we wanted to be in ministry. We’d gone to school together; we’d been in ministry through the college together, outreaches and travel groups. I knew that’s what I wanted to be a part of,” Julian says.

“You do what you have to do to make ends meet. [My wife Robin] was working Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, and I was working nights and weekends. Never knowing what my schedule really was going to be, we knew something had to give.”

Julian Scott Mayo and his wife Robin longed to spend more time together, but their jobs kept them apart. Deep down, all they wanted was to be in ministry.

“We were at a point where we were like, Okay God, we’ve gotta trust You, and You’ve gotta show us where to go and what it is You want us to do.

“I’d come home from running some errands and clicked on the TV, Terry [Meeuwsen] begins to call my name out.”

“There’s someone named Julian,” Terry said. “You’re praying for direction in your life and what God would have you to do. Keep seeking the Lord, and He will show you the way clearly that you will walk in.”

“Did I hear what I thought I heard? Am I just flipping out here? That’s the day God called me by name. It was just encouraging to me to know that God made it personal.”

Not long after receiving that word, Julian got a phone call from an old college friend.

“He says ‘Hey, I heard you’re looking for something different. I’m letting you know I’m coming to the area to start a church. If you can get down here, this is my plan.”

Julian said yes! Now he’s the executive pastor of Harvest Outreach Church.

“It’s easy to say that you trust God but then when you really have to trust Him, that’s the time when He comes through for you. He’s faithful,” Julian says.

“If you’re really looking for God, He’ll get you to where He wants you to be. Not only did He do it for me [and] for my wife, but He can do it for anybody -- anybody that’s willing, [who] has a heart to follow, be available to the things of God, and be sensitive to the things of God. He will get you there.”

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