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The Worthens: A Prayerful Power Surge

By Rich Santoro and Ken Hulme
The 700 Club“When you don’t want to go on living, that’s pretty bad.”

For six years, Toni Worthen of Tigard, Oregon, suffered excruciating migraine headaches.

After a while, even the medicine that the doctors prescribed to relieve the pain brought her no relief.

“I was lying in bed with those headaches. I would try to talk to the Lord,” she says. “I wanted to try to praise Him. I knew that God was faithful to heal ‘cause the Word says, ‘By His stripes we are healed.’ It was a constant crying out for help.”

For years, Toni and her husband Bob prayed for her to be free of the headaches. Their answer came one night while Bob was watching The 700 Club.

“God impressed me that this might be my wife’s night when they were talking about migraine headaches,” Bob says.

Bob asked Toni to join him as the hosts began to pray.

“I laid my hands on her head and prayed over her in the name of Jesus,” Bob says. “I felt a surge of electricity go through my hands onto her head as I prayed. When we were through praying, I said, ‘Honey, did you feel that?” She said no.”

Bob explained what happened and told his wife, “I believe you were healed.”

In the days and weeks that followed, Toni discovered she really had been healed.

“I have not had a headache since that night that my husband laid his hands on me, and the Lord intervened and healed me,” Toni says. “I saw the manifestation of God’s healing.”

For three years, Toni has been totally free of migraine headaches.

“I can count on not having a headache. Being free of drugs, free of pain, functioning like any other woman,” she says.

Toni’s miraculous healing also strengthened the Worthens’ faith.

“We prayed, we prayed, we believed, and at a certain point in time, God answered our prayers and let us know He is in charge,” says Bob. “He did it all, just by Himself.”

Toni says, “Believe God. He is a healer. He does hear your prayers. With your faith, believe in His Word and just stand on that. Just stand on God’s Word because you will see your deliverance.”

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