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Victoria Justiniano: Fighting Cancer on Her Knees

By Amy Reid
The 700 Club “As I was having a sandwich, I bit my tongue,” Victoria recalls. “And it never healed. My tongue never healed. I just kept bleeding and bleeding.”

Soon Victoria noticed other strange symptoms — swelling and painful blood clots. So she went to a doctor, who ran several blood tests.

“Dr. Robert Glasser came in, and he told me I had leukemia. He told me that 90 percent of my cells were malignant, and I was just working on 10 percent of my cells,” she says.

Doctors immediately started her on aggressive chemotherapy but she wasn’t prepared for its effect.

“My body started feeling the shock; my hair started falling down; I started getting nauseous; I couldn’t eat,” she says. “Sometimes I used to cough up blood.

“In my heart, I was still in God. I was waiting and hoping. I said, ‘God, I’m in Your hands. You are the best doctor.’

“I’m doing everything according to the Scripture. I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to do but then deep down I knew that this came from Satan because he wanted me out of the way.”

Victoria struggled with waiting and with questions.

“As I was going through this trial, I saw my son, and I prayed to God, ‘This is what I want. This is the desire of my heart. I wanna see my son grow up.’ He was 14 years at that point,” she says.

“I knew that God was gonna answer, and that’s what motivated me also to have that faith in God and to believe that God was gonna come through for me.”

Victoria went into remission but relapsed three times -- each leaving her weaker. Her doctor didn’t hold out much hope.

Dr. Glasser recalls, “She was not a candidate for a transplant, because she didn’t have a match. So we really felt negative about her chances.”

Victoria’s pastor had a different outlook.

“I was in my office,” Pastor Rissi says. “I was getting ready to leave for the day. When I went to turn off the light that was over my desk, I felt the Lord speak to me very strongly. He said to me, ‘When you pray for her, I’m gonna heal her.’

“When I arrived at the hospital, much of her family was in the waiting room. I saw that people were embracing each other, crying, mourning, and saying, ‘It doesn’t look good for Vicky.’ She was hemorrhaging. They were trying to give her blood, and she was just losing the blood. They didn’t think that she was gonna survive the night. I went into her room, and she was awake. I said to her, ‘Vicky, God’s gonna heal you. He told me that when I prayed for you, He’s gonna heal you.’ She says, ‘Oh, I know it. I’ve been waiting for it.’”

Pastor Rissi prayed a simple prayer.

“The next day my family, who were all there waiting, said that I opened my eyes, got up, and the first thing I asked for was a very big breakfast. ‘Cause I was very hungry,” says Victoria.

“When I went to see my doctor for the last time, I said, ‘Hi, I love you so much, but I don’t want to see you again.’

“Even now, he still doesn’t even know why I’m alive. He tells me, ‘I don’t even know what you’re doing here.’”

Victoria has been cancer free now for over 16 years with no sign of a relapse! She’s grateful for the chance to tell others about her healing.

“It was such a blessing for me just to know that God had healed me for a reason, so that I’ll be able to testify His wonders and His mercy to others.

“Hey, trust the Lord. I did it, and God did it for me.”

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