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By Dory Nissen
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What should you do if you are a single mom, struggling to make ends meet, and trying to put food on the table? Giving your money away does would not seem the wisest idea, but Jamie Lagarett thought it was.

Jamie was a stock broker in San Francisco and was even a partner in her company. She was very successful, yet it wasn’t always that way.

It was a struggle being a single mom at 30 years old and raising two teenage daughters, after just coming out of a divorce. 

Jamie didn’t make much as an administrative assistant and could only afford a small condominium in pricey San Francisco. She also used credit cards to get by.

“I used the credit cards in the beginning to make ends meet, and it all slowly started mounting up,” remembered Jamie. “It was overwhelming. It was a burden, and I didn’t know how to get out of it.”

Jamie began to ask God to show her how to stop the growing financial disaster. God answered that prayer through a lesson on The 700 Club. She learned that to get herself and stay out of credit card debt that she’d have to rely upon God. So, Jamie cancelled all of her cards.

“That was hard because credit cards were my crutch. Everyone says that you should keep one card for emergency, but I chose not to keep any.” 

Jamie learned another lesson on The 700 Club.  She learned that the Bible says to give a portion of your income back to God.

Jamie began to give to her church and joined The 700 Club. Six months later, she was offered a job as a sales assistant for a stock broker, which paid a lot more. Jamie beefed up her efforts to pay off those cards!

“When the credit card debt started coming down, I was excited and I think it even helped me have more faith in God to see me through. Although there were challenges and struggles, the debt was slowly coming off,” she said.

Then Jamie decided to give even more, so she joined the 1000 Club and gave $84 dollars a month to CBN. She then received a promotion at work, which followed with a hefty pay increase. It was time to make some investment decisions.

“I needed a tax right-off. My thought was to buy a second home as an investment and stay in the condo. But little did I know that God had other plans for me,” said Jamie.

While she was looking for a small condo to buy and rent, she passed a beautiful home situated atop the hills of the San Francisco Bay area.

“I just knew the Holy Spirit was saying that this was the house for me, and I prayed. I told God that was the house I wanted.”

Jamie put in an offer under the asking price, and her realtor agreed to take a reduced commission.  Jamie got the house and kept her condo as a rental. Today she’s enjoying her dream home with her daughters, and she is completely out of credit card debt.

Jamie was also promoted to a stock broker and offered a partnership within the company. She now makes four times what she made in the beginning, and she has now joined the Chairman Circle.

“I just feel that every time God has asked me to give, it has been a test of faith. That’s what our lives are about, God testing our faith and us believing in him.”

The 700 Club was there for Jamie Lagarett during her difficult time. CBN showed Jamie practical ways God could help her get out of debt. Thanks to partners in this ministry, it doesn't stop there. Your faithful gifts bring the truth of God's Word to millions of homes everyday through The 700 Club. You also help feed and cloth needy families, bring medical aid to the hurting, drill clean water wells for the thirsty, and so much more -- all in the name of Jesus. You can help bring the love of Christ to the world by becoming a partner with CBN. Click here to join now.

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