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fighting PMS

Ten Natural Ways to Fight PMS

By New Life Ministries

CBN.comNo need to suffer. Consider these natural remedies to ease discomfort.

1. Avoid too much salt. Limiting salt intake may reduce fluid retention and bloating.

2. Drink plenty of water. Drinking more water will reduce retention and bloating by diluting the concentration of salt within the body.

3. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine may increase the amount of nervous tension that accompanies PMS.

4. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes women to feel tired and run down which may increase levels of stress and symptoms of PMS.

5. Avoid sugars. Sweet foods deplete the body because B vitamins and other nutrients are used to digest sugar.

6. Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates and fiber. Complex carbohydrates are an energy source that last over a longer period of time. Many foods containing carbohydrates are also high in fiber, which is important for overall health.

7. Get enough exercise. Regular exercise can reduce the additional stress women may feel prior to menstruation by regulating hormone levels.

8. Instead of eating three meals per day eat several small meals during the day. The key is to keep your blood sugar as even as possible. Try not to go more than three hours a day without eating.

9. Take vitamin E at 400 to 600 IU per day. This has shown to decrease the breast tenderness and also has shown to reduce cysts within the breasts. Make sure you find a high quality vitamin E. A trick is to cut a liquid gel cap open. If it tastes sour, it may be rancid.

10. Take vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Taking between 50 mg and 300 mg daily can help in the reduction in symptoms of PMS

Copyright © 2006, New Life Ministries. New Life has a variety of resources on men, women, and relationships. Call 1-800-NEW-LIFE or visit

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