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'Passion' Snuffed Out at Oscars by Political Correctness and Murder

By Dr. Ted Baehr
Publisher of Movieguide Magazine HOLLYWOOD, CA (ANS) Death overcame life at the 77th Annual Oscars®, and, in a town that abhors Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Germany (for good reason), neo-national socialist movies took home several of the top awards.

The high points of the night were Jamie Foxx, a MOVIEGUIDE® Award winner, who exhibited love, compassion, and discipline, praising his late grandmother for whipping him into shape, and, later on the Barbara Walters Special, for praying to Jesus, as she coaxed him into doing the right thing.

The other high point was Brad Bird.

Although many of the winners were not exceptionally bad, most of the ceremony was as dull as dishwater and host Chris Rock was obnoxious.

I watched the Oscars® with filmmakers from England and Japan, and a few others from North and South America. All were disgusted by it.

One e-mail says it all: “These people dressed up in tuxedoes and then sounded like small children with potty mouths.”

Instead of giving the Best Picture Oscar®, or even Best Foreign Language Film, to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, those awards went to two movies advocating euthanasia, a eugenics policy reminiscent of the murderous propaganda of Hitler’s henchman Dr. Joseph Goebbels. Ironically, one of the most chilling moments in the German movie, Downfall, one of the other nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, is a scene where Goebbels’ wife forces her small, drugged children to bite down on capsules laced with deadly cyanide. That scene serves as a marked contrast with the two movies that won the Oscar®, especially the foreign language movie that won, which was an unrelenting argument for euthanasia.

Apparently, Hollywood’s elites have learned nothing from all the Holocaust movies and television programs they have chosen to honor in the past.

Happily, the American people still get it. Compared to such Christian-friendly hits like The Passion of the Christ and Oscar-winner The Incredibles, the euthanasia movies have earned very little money at the box office.

American moviegoers also rejected the politically-correct, homosexual pedophile movie Kinsey, which garnered so many kudos from the press.

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