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The Year in Review

Best New Movies of 2013

By Hannah Goodwyn
Senior Producer - Jesus Christ spoke to the people, oftentimes, through parables. He crafted a story in such a beautiful way, always understanding his audience while speaking wisdom and truth in a way they could grasp.

For centuries, the printed word has the powerfully force in the shaping the culture. But, today, it is the modern feature film that captures a worldwide audience. Every weekend moviegoers flock to their local theaters to watch a story on the big screen.

Movies are today's parables. They entertain us, frighten us and enlighten us. Even then, the ultimate power of the cinema is in how these movies engage and mold us.

With this in mind, we're highlighting the top 10 rated films reviewed on this year.

Saving Mr. Banks1. Saving Mr. Banks

One of the best films of 2013, Saving Mr. Banks is "practically perfect in every way". You'll laugh, cry and sing along. Its message of the power of hope, joy and forgiveness reaches deep.

Gravity2. Gravity

Gravity is an amazing piece of brilliant filmmaking, with another outstanding performance by Sandra Bullock. Its story is one of courage under fire and redemption through adversity.

Captain Phillips3. Captain Phillips

Actor Tom Hanks, in the title role, takes us on a thrilling ride in Captain Phillips. Its calm moments lead to heart-pounding drama as the film explores the courage and depravity of man.

Monsters University4. Monsters University

Monsters University is a great family movie, with plenty of wholesome laughs, heart and soul. The animation is great and the plot line is clear, teaching kids that  friendship and taking care of others are keys to success. 

Frozen5. Frozen

Based on stories by Hans Christian Andersen, Frozen is undoubtedly Disney (with a few breaks from tradition) and has a great moral and even spiritually inclined message of self-sacrifice.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire6. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire shows how fear breeds compared to what hope breathes. Its an engaging story of a young woman's struggle against an oppressive power and her discovery of what true love looks like.

427. 42

Starring newcomer Chadwick Boseman (as Jackie Robinson) and Harrison Ford, 42 is the story of two men from very different worlds who were willing to face unabashed racism at every turn to make positive change.

Man of Steel8. Man of Steel

Themes of hope, sacrifice and redemption permeate Man of Steel, reminding us that the best expression of love is to lay down one's life for another, just as our Savior, Jesus Christ did.

Thor: The Dark World9. Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World poses a question: "What would you sacrifice for what you believe?" It also touches on how light always overtakes darkness, no matter how blindingly thick its veil.

Black Nativity10. Black Nativity

It's a powerful, inspiring, well-acted drama with beautiful music and an uplifting message of God’s grace and forgiveness.


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