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Switchfoot's Fading West

By Hannah Goodwyn
Senior Producer
Fading West, Switchfoot's ninth studio release, puts a stake in the ground. The San Diego-based band who's been rockin' for 18 years now isn't fading out the spotlight anytime soon.

This 11-track compilation is progressive for the Grammy Award-winning band. It's undoubtedly Switchfoot (with Jon Foreman at the mic), but fans may be a little surprised (if not shocked) at the musical lengths they go to on Fading West. You're going to hear more bass-heavy anthems and snyth-pop sounds compared to their last two rock-laced albums, Hello Hurricane and Vice Verses. The new song "BA55" is even reminiscent of Mutemath.

Switchfoot is definitely switching it up. We're getting a taste of the creative range Switchfoot can offer in Fading West.

Produced in conjunction with their new documentary (of the same name), Fading West continues to push Switchfoot across lines, genres and cultures. As has been his M.O., lead singer Jon Foreman scripts nuanced lyrics about the good ebbs and bad flows of life. The chorus for "All or Nothing at All" stands out:

You feel your heart beat loudest when it’s breaking
You and I both know our fatal flaws
We both know that love is what you make it
I want you
Or I'm nothing at all
Or I'm nothing at all

Fading West is worth a listen, and has a few highlights, namely "Who We Are", "Let It Out" and "Back to the Beginning Again".

Hannah GoodwynHannah Goodwyn serves as the Family and Entertainment producer for For more articles, visit Hannah's bio page.

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Switchfoot, credit: Chris Burkard

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