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Cherie Adams: A Song for a Broken Heart

By Sunmee Choi and Stephen Hubbard
The 700 Club

CBN.comSunmee Choi [reporting]: Cherie Adams felt like she’d made it when she sang at the GMA Dove awards ceremony with the legendary Aaron Neville.

Cheri Adams: I was standing onstage next to him, I’m singing a line, he’s singing a line, and I’m like, "This has got to be the coolest thing in the world."

Sunmee Choi [reporting]: But her career was almost cut short before it even began. She grew up a bubbly New Hampshire kid who always sang and was saved at an early age. She delighted in her close-knit Italian family and looked forward to starting one of her own.

Cheri: You dream of being married someday when you’re a little girl -- especially Italians. We’re known for two things: you make the meatballs and you make the babies.

Sunmee [reporting]: Cherie Adams’ dreams seemed to be falling into place. She’d moved to Nashville to pursue her music career and her high school sweetheart was set to follow. But suddenly, everything changed.

Cheri: We planned this whole wedding, thousands of dollars spent, and three months before the wedding he got cold feet.

Sunmee [reporting]: To say it was a traumatic event is an understatement.

Cheri: I never tried to kill myself but every minute of every day I was just thinking of how I could do it or just begging God to take me. I really wanted to die.

Sunmee [reporting]: To make matters worse, Cherie found out her former fiancée married someone else. Cherie became physically sick, and her mental anguish only got worse.

Cheri: I started hallucinating in the middle of the night. I would see like hands coming at me, and I just knew that there was like a demonic presence surrounding me -- a spirit of death trying to overtake me. This went on for a good solid year every night.

Sunmee: Every night?

Cheri: Nightmares of being raped, nightmares of my ex with his new wife -- just constant emotional, physical torture morning, noon and night… mood swings like you wouldn’t believe.

Sunmee: Did you feel any presence of God at this time?

Cheri: I just really believed He didn’t love me any more. He didn’t care about me. He didn’t know that I existed, and He sure as heck did not hear my prayers. I was convinced that I was losing it. I thought I was going to end up in a straightjacket in a mental hospital or something.

Sunmee [reporting]: When Cherie reluctantly agreed to go to church with a friend, God used that opportunity to reach out to her.

Cheri: I’m sitting there with a pout on my face and all of the sudden this visiting evangelist goes: “Is there a Cherie here?” He literally called me by name. I about fell out of the pew. He puts his hand right on top of my head and says, “The serotonins and the endorphins that have been depleted from your brain chemistry due to a trauma in your life are now being replenished, and I speak an antidepressant from Jesus into your life this very day.”

Sunmee: It was shortly thereafter that you got your contract with Avalon…

Cheri: Hundreds of girls tried out, but God had a plan for me to be in that group. It was all about Him, His power and His anointing in my life and very little to do with me.

Sunmee [reporting]: The rest of God’s plan for Cherie unfolded soon after joining Avalon. She met her husband Kevin. After five years and 10 No. 1 singles, Cherie says God called her to leave Avalon and share her story as a solo artist.

Cheri: Every single song is just a little glimpse of my testimony. They were all birthed out of the really hard times of my life. I know what it is to be broken, completely hurting, and the hopelessness that’s associated with that. I know that am no more special than you are. If He could heal me from depression, take away my pain, and really repair my crushed heart, I know that He can do the same for you.

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