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The Scott Ross Interview (Part 4)

Scott Ross talks with Craig von Buseck about his most memorable interviews including Willie Nelson and Steve Allen.

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Ross Rants and Raves


September 20, 2007

Most Memorable Interviews

Nedra and I just returned from Lake Powell, Utah, and it was amazing; in all my travels I have never experienced anything quite like it. On a house boat surrounded by rock cliffs, the environment is awesome. Total isolation, no cell phone service, no phones, no TV, no e-mail, only some books, CDs, great food, two friends and God.

Now back to the frenzy….

We continue with our series (one more to go) as Craig von Buseck asks me about some of my most memorable interviews including: former Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, Willie Nelson, Steve Allen, Robert Ludlum, David Berkowitz, (Son of Sam), John & Patsy Ramsey; and these are only a few of the countless people I have had opportunity to sit down with over the years. I feel privileged.

And thanks for your comments.

The Scott Ross Interview (Part 4)



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